Moving to a new home and need set up advice

I presently have a dedicated audio system consisting of a digital and an analog component.  Roon into a Bryston DAC, also an old Sonos Connect to the Bryston DAC, wired over to a Cronos Magnum tube amplifier to drive a set of Linn speakers.  I also have a Thorens TD 124 connected to the Cronos Magnum for when I want to listen to vinyl.  Pretty simple set up that sounds great to me.

I am moving into a home that has a large family room connected to an open kitchen. Above the fireplace is the TV (not a fan). The TV is connected now (previous owner) to a Sonos amp that I think connects to a sound bar, two overhead speakers plus a set of overheads in the bedroom and the porch.  He will be taking his amplifier I am sure.

What do I replace his amplifier with? Where in the room do I set up my stereo system?  I always confuse myself when it comes to sorting out and changing my system so want advice. I hope the picture comes out.


I am thinking to put my dedicated system against the left wall from the fireplace/bookshelves and keep it separate. Then, get the same Sonos amp and soundbar and replicate his system.  Is there a better integrated plan?


This is not my furniture. Sure wish so. So I have a blank slate to work with, wife modifications of course ( but she loves my system)


Why not make him an offer for the existing setup?  That simplifies things for both parties.

Thanks jwpstayman,  I will reach out to talk with him. It looked all new. So if he shares how the connectivity is and the sound quality I think that is a win. Then he just buys new when he gets to his new home.

Thank you for this suggestion.

Do you have an extra room? I would rather have my own small space to optimize rather than a highly compromised open common area. 

Ghdprentis,  that is the other way. While we live most often in the family room I want good sound. So a separate room it's less optimal. I can set up in an 11 by 12 room and think I can do great audio. And sonos is not bad the day to day I guess.


Yes, this is always the dilemma. My partner and I use the home theater together in the living room and over the last 25 years upgraded it to sound great. But my passion has been 2 channel audio, so that is where my effort has gone.

You could establish an audio room and then as time permits do improvements to your main room… ones that take into account the decor. If there is no hurry… you can have both. But it depends on your family dynamics.

Just a few comments on using a small room. You can have a world class system in a small room. Also, it can cost less, but more intellectual work and understanding the acoustics and of scaling your equipment. Is required. A couple of the best systems I have ever heard were in small rooms… like 8’ x 10’. It was done by someone trying to show that it was about knowing what you were doing… not just cost and big equipment.

The awesome small rooms  I have heard had high quality tube amps (but low wattage) and stand mounted speakers with acoustic treatments. Watts cost money… especially tube watts. So, you can reduce costs on speakers and amplification. Then lots of work must go into understanding acoustics and choosing equipment.

Great Insight on small rooms. My setup is better for the larger room. I may go with the sonos setup for tv but still put my dedicated setup in the main room. Now, when the wife insists on watching tv when I want to listed to music I need a smaller setup in my little den.