Moving to new house-need advice on HT

We purchased a house in the country that the previous owner had installed in ceiling speakers for his surround system. I have been a 2 channel guy, but I want to integrate my current system into a 7.1 or 7.2 and have several questions, and I don't have a good AV dealer for 250 miles, so everything is off the internet, either new or used.

My current system is a Parasound P5 preamp, a Parasound A21 amp, Revel F12 speakers and a OPPO player. I love how this system sounds, and would like to build on it. I was thinking about heading the following direction, and would appreciate any advice to make this an easier project.

  • Adding a Revel C12 center
  • A theater processor, the Marantz's look good, must have HDMI, and I'll use the theater bypass on my P5
  • A sub or two, I'm an old JL audio fan, but there is a lot said good on the web about SVS, Power Sound Audio, and HSU Research. Would probably buy sealed, I'm still a music fan, and a cheap sub sounds like a cheap sub
  • A 5 channel amp, probably a used Adcom, Parasound, Rotel type.
  • My main concern is inceiling speakers, I've seen Revel makes them, does it make a huge difference with timbre/voice matching the surrounds? I've heard Speakercraft are very nice for the money. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I don't mind spending for quality, but looking for good valve.
Lots of questions, and I would appreciate any and all advice. My wife and kids are big on the theater idea, but I don't want to dump a ton in to this and they use it twice.
If the previous owner removed the ceiling speakers and you need to buy some, then get timbre matched. If speakers are currently there, and you want to replace, get timbre matched. It makes no sense to replace a non timbre match with another non timbre match.
As stated by tls49.IMO & experience timbre matched rears are only vital in surround music.