MULLARD 12au7 longevity

I bought a pair of these from Andy’s Tube Services years ago for my Rogue RP-1.  Thought they would have crapped out by now but they still sound good. He told me they would last a long time. Anybody got any reports on how long you have had these units in service?




Smaller input tubes can last 6,000-10,000 hours. That’s much longer than the larger output tubes that typically last 3,000 hours. 

good old stock small signal tubes like mullards and amperexes last like the ol eveready bunny...  worry less, listen more! 😁

If you like the tubes and amp, get a backup pair and occasionally swap them.  When the new pair sounds better than the old, it's time for the new pair to stay in for the next five to ten thousand hours.

I don't keep track of how many hours my tubes have on them, so I don't have a story to tell, but good strong vintage tubes can last a long time and Andy is a good guy to get them from.

Im using Mullard CV4003 in a Rogue RP7 now . I used them in a Rogue Pharoha for six years before i Upgraded my system . They still sound great and I hate the thought of replacing them . 


In this crazy hobby…Longer than you want to keep the component they are in…🤣