Multi channel Amps for a 7.2 setup based on PSB Synchrony 1 series + SVS Subs

I am lucky enough to have recently moved into a home where I can setup a dedicated HT/Music/rec room, and am today seeking your advice/guidance on how to properly setup this room, select equipment on a budget, and generally turn a bare 21X15X9' room into a modest powerhouse!

I recently jumped on the opportunity to acquire a mint pair of PSB Synchrony 1 Towers, and went on from there to secure a pair of Synchrony 1B bookshelves and two pairs of Synchrony S surrounds. The low end will be boosted by a pair of SVS SB2000 Pro Subs. So it looks like I'm OK where it concerns speakers.

For the moment, I will have to settle for a DENON AVR 4310 Ci to drive the speakers, although I am seriously contemplating the acquisition of a three channel amplifier to drive the front three with the necessary juice.

- What three channel amp will be a good match with the PSB front three?
- For the moment, the DENON will drive the rear and surround speakers... Is this OK? 
- I realize that the next step will be to replace the DENON with a better processor, and whereas this will come at a later stage, I welcome your advice and recommendations as to what equipment would make a discernable difference in SQ, etc. 
-  How desirable is ATMOS at this point? My previous even more modest setup was a 5.1 system which I really enjoyed quite a bit. I'm thus not in a hurry to add all these new technologies if that will help keep the hobby's budget reasonable... Is this a mistake on my part? Am I missing something by not adopting these new technologies? 

I'm thinking that before I splurge hard earned funds on Atmos, etc. I'd rather spend it on room treatments, a better projection screen and projector. Am I approaching things the right way?

Voilà! Lastly, while this will be a HT focused system, 2 channel music listening is also part of the equation (70-30% should be the proportions. I really want to enjoy the Synchrony 1 Towers as they are touted as being lifetime speakers material. Stereophile A list speakers for years if I'm not mistaken.

Apologies for the long message, and thanks in advance for sharing your experiences, advice, guidance, pointers, etc.
Regards to all, jlr261
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I can add my experience. Started with a top-end Denon HT, was not that happy with the sound and went to a McIntosh setup for way more money, much better all around sound, but 2 channel was still just OK. You can get good, but not great 2 channel with an HT amp I would suggest not spending much on a three channel amp, not too many choices and hard to resell. Get a used one to hold you over until you can replace the Denon, or just wait till you can replace it is my suggestion. I plan to sell all my HT, as I am now fully into 2 channel so I can't answer all your questions. Hope this helps a bit, as I saw no responses to your ask.
Parasound Halo A31

Anthem MCA 30

You have to start somewhere and the Denon will do just fine for now with one of the above amps or better with a good 2/ch amp say an Halo A21+ for the mains which would be the direction I would go. As for Atmos just do it ! and enjoy the next level of aural bliss!
Deadhead1000 and jdub39,

Thanks very much for taking the time to share your experiences and certainly provide me with your opinions and advice as to how I may move forward.

You are so right, before embarking on more expenses, I had best finish my installation as is, using the Denon AVR and existing gear. There ill be plenty of time to upgrade once I have a good idea of where the strong and weak points of my specific setup are.

Certainly, since having a quality 2 channel setup is also one of my goals, there is no question that an amp that more closely matches the performance potential of the Synchrony One towers remains an objective, but there is time for that. So thanks very much to the both of you, and have a great week!