Multi-Channle Amp Dilemma

I am trying to decide between the following amplifiers for my HT set-up: Theta Dreadnaught II, Pass X150 (front r&l) and an X3 for rears and center, Bat 6200 and a Classe CAV-180. I use a Krell 7.1 for my processor and have B&W N803's for the fronts, the HTM2 center and N805s for the rears. I recently sold my Bryston 9B because I did not think it brought out the best in my speakers. I would like to make the best choice, so that I can sit back and enjoy the music and movies. By the way, I use the system 70% for HT and 30% for 2 channel.

As always, your thoughts are very much appreciated.
I am running 2 Bat 6200 amps , bi amping an Aerial 20 t multichannel system and I find it musical and satisfying in both theatre and musical arenas. The amp has the slam needed for intense soundtrack enjoyment yet it has a delicate side that brings out the 20 ts . I have been completely satisfied with the Bat.
I'm in a very similar similar situation with A Krell 7.1 with KAV series amps & B&W Nautilus speakers. Overall very happy with the sound, but the top end tends to be dry & analytical (not bright). I have been told the Krell TAS is more transparent than the KAV series with a better balanced high-end.

I plan on looking at the Theta and Classe as well as the Cary Cinema 5 (no info. out there). I would be nice to hear what you decide on.
FWIW the Cary got a glowing review in the most recent Perfect Vision. I haven't heard one yet, though.

The Classe is a good piece - not equal to biamped BAT-6200's, but also about a fifth of the price. I've only heard it driving Martin Logans and ProAcs, but it sounds very good in those configs: smooth, grain-free and detailed.
Hi, I have a friend with a Krell 7.1 pre/pro and he raves about his new Butler Audio 5150 tube hybrid amp. He`s running Dynaudio speakers with this 5 channel 150 wpc amp and he`s constantly being floored by this amp`s dynamics. I`m in the process of trying out 2 Butler 3150`s with 6 total channels that I`m pairing with a Sunfire Theater Grand 3. This guy is convinced that this is the best amp that he`s ever had and he`s had a few. Just some thoughts to share. Happy hunting. Regards, Robin
I agree with the Butler amp suggestion. After seeing this amp at the HE show in San Francisco I decided to order one. With the SF Cremonas and Auditors it is fatanstic - non-fatiguing yet detailed and impressively dynamic. Tubes in the output stage, all for less than $2500 (this price was a show special only, list is @ $3200 I believe). Get a hold of Luis at Butler for more information if needed....he's a good guy.
I`ve had my 2 Butler Audio 3150 tube amps w/150 wpc @8ohms thru 6 channels breaking in for a week now and must agree with Randmac & JohnB, these Butler amps are incredibly detailed and dynamic with no fatigue whatsoever. This is a wonderful departure from my previous Yamaha. And the blue tube glow presentation from these 2 Butler 3150`s surrounding my Sunfire Theater Grand 3 processor`s blue display in my audio rack is absolutely KILLER! Highly recommended IMHO. Regards, Robin