Muse Audio contact?

I have a set of Muse One Hundred Seventy Five monos driving my front channels. My left unit gets so hot it melted the rubber feet. I would assume this one is biased high. Does Muse still exist? I remember Kevin the designer interacted with me back when I bought them. There seems to be a web page but no one answers email. I am wondering if the problem is high biasing and if there is a DIY solution.
I'd suggest trying to email Kevin @ HRT.
I have had better luck by e-mailing them. I recently had two components upgraded by them (last year) and even had a special "paint job" on one of them so yes, they were great to work with - just not always 24/7 with the communication. They will get back with you but it might take a couple of days. Any longer than that and they might be on vacation or something. Send an e-mail and then leave a voice mail. Try calling at several different times of the day. Let us know if that still doesn't work.
Thanks guys. Phones seem not to be Muse any more, faxes and emails unanswered in a few weeks. I will try HRT. Kevin was very responsive and helpful back in the day. Does anyone know of current Muse dealers?
888-467-5550 routes to someone names Chris Jackson's voicemail. Maybe he is with Muse? Elite Audio Video says they are Muse's distributor. No word yet from them either.
A guy at Elite gave me Kevin's email at HRT and assured me I'd hear back. Hopefully this will do it.
Kevin's HRT email did it! Kevin answered me within an hour and was eager to help.