Music is FUN

Once young lady asked W.A.Mozart
YL: What it takes to write a perfect symphony?
WA: Well, you need to first take basic lessons, solphedgio, than you need to go to music colledge, conservatory to take composition classes etc...
YL: How did you manage to write your first symphony at 7??
WL: I didn't as anyone!
One young composer with heavy substance abuse habbits one day found out that LV Beethoven is still alive and packed his backpack to find him.
After several days of search he found the sacred cave and went in where he found a man sitting in front of the sheet music erasing it with eraser.
YC: Who Are You
man: I'm LV Beethoven
YC: What are you doing?
LV: I'm decomposing!
Breaking News:
Beethoven's monument in Vienna had been sustained an act of vandalizm.
Someone deliberately graffiti painted lyrics and notes of song "As Long As You Love Me"

PLEASE CONTINUE with what you know and have fun reading!
I think the punchline in "joke" number one suffered something in translation.
When "joke" number two came along, it was me who suffered.
somehow i often encounter that text processor of 'gon 'swallows' the last letter of the word especially when you try to search something to purchase for example. I meant "I did not ask anyone..."
What did the baroque chicken say? Bach...Get it? HAAAAA! This thread is killing me.