Music lovers only, sub woofer

I am in the quest of a speaker upgrade, I will also be upgrading my turntable, soon, and my amplifiers in the fall. My current system is posted. I love acoustic music, single of small groups of music, human voice. I don't listen to a lot of symphonic music or new pop stuff. I am very partial to a very unified voice with a full deep sound stage. I have found that two way speakers seem to be more appealling to me for these qualities. So far my A list includes Harbeth M30, have not heard it, dynaudio special 25, (great base and highs but ? the perfect mid range), Verity Audio Tamino, (fell in love with VTL tube integrated amp) with the exception of missing the very deepest base that one would get when listening to some solo bass strings, deepest cello etc. My question is, can I have my cake and eat it to. Can I get a two way with very deep base, single voice etc. So I am thinking maybe a very well matched monitor and subwoofer. It does go against my idea of simplicity but what about something like the new JM Lab 1007be with the 1000be subwoofer? Any thoughts? Oh and I listen in a small/medium room with 8-9ft. ceilings. I do not watch movies, home theater, or own any DVD's. I did purchase a Rotel 1040DVD player last January and I think that it is around here somewhere, just too busy listening to music.Thanks
Some of my favorite pieces for deep bass are of the kind of music you say you favor. Tracy Chapman, Bruce Cockburn, among others. I frankly can't fathom not having a speaker system incable of flat response to 22 hz or lower. My main system now includes Totem Sttafs, with a Rel Storm III subwoofer. Inredibly musical, and the soundstage goes on forever. It's a pretty simple setup. Easy to integrate them, and you wouldn't know the subwoofer was in the room.
Using a Rel strata III very happy with it, integrate's with main speakers very well.
Check out Martian Logan's Descent subwoofer. I am using two of them in a two channel set up. Tight and very deep bass, and the most important they are musical.
For the money, there is no better deal than the Onix Rocket UFW-10. This thing is fast, articulate and very easy to set up (and get it right). Probably wouldn't be the first choice for a home theater, but for music only, it's a no brainer.

Subwoofer in 2.1 setup... LOTS O' QUESTIONS! Need help. I want to add a subwoofer to my music-only, fairly decent stereo system. I currently have a Counterpoint hybrid sa20 amp, Krell KSL-2 s.s. preamp, Sony C333-ES SACD player, and original Von Shweikert VR4 speakers. I would like more bass end (especially on certain types of music and at lower levels), and seek a relatively inexpensive (maybe $800 used?) sub for this purpose. The question is, how the F#$! do I hook the sub up without using the sub as a crossover to my main speakers, or is this not possible to avoid? I dont want to add coloration or more components in the way of the signal if at all possible. Can I put wires for both at the amp posts, or would this somehow fry the ever so touchy Counterpoint? Should I even worry about my speaker wires coming fromm the sub? Also, any thoughts on the type on sub? A Sunfire (junior) maybe?Any help as to my options would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, N