Musical subwoofer under $2000

I’m looking for advice on what vendors to look at as l’d really like to add a subwoofer to my 2 channel setup. The room is c. 30x15 feet or 42 square meters with low ceiling of about 7.5 feet or 2.2 meters. Budget is c.$2,000 and my 2 channel speakers are Sonus Faber Sonetto VIII. My amp offers pre-out connection. I’d like REL but their S range is now too expensive, so something close in musicality would be great. 


A pair of SVS SB-3000s would be my choice, sweet spot in their lineup, small enough to not dominate visually, and go very deep and loud, the icing on the cake is the remote adjustability via the app, priceless!

I just acquired a pair of new Rythmik F15HP2 Subwoofers.   I’ve only had them a day.   Paired them with my Totem Element Metal V2, which I think share some pleasant similarities with your Sonus Faber.


I am very pleased with the various tools on the subs to accommodate dialing in the paring with my speakers.   These subs are fast, detailed, articulate, and blend perfectly.   They go down to 14Hz and will play very quietly as well as deafeningly loud.   You might start with one sub, then add a second later, or go with two of the 12” subs now.   Either route will be within or close to your stated price range.


And don’t forget to just enjoy the music along the way.

Take a look at HSU Research ULS-15 MK2 Dual Drive. I’ve had HSU subs in one iteration or another for 25 yrs and have never felt like I needed “better”. However, if you need variable phase control look elsewhere.


FWIW I have an Arendal 1723 1s. I use it in my modest 5,1 HT. It is a fantastic sub, two for music would fit you very well. I consider them the equivalent to an SVS SB 4000-in specs.  They have a 45 day audition period. You had mentioned it on your list of candidates. 

Strong recommendation for a pair of used Vandersteen 2Wq subs.  I bought one, then a second, and eventually bought the M5HP battery biased crossovers.  They are, to me, ideal.  Deep, tuneful bass when it's present in the source material, and not heard when it's not.  The only caveat is that your mains must go down to about 40Hz in order to blend properly with the 2Wq.  They are designed to sit in the corner, where most people put them anyway.  I mass load mine with floor tiles and ammo.  When bass heavy stuff is played, I can feel the bass, with the room energized.  But there is never any boominess or bloat, or obscuring of the frequencies above the Vandy subs.  I like them so much that when I last shopped for speakers, being a good match for the 2Wqs was a major requirement.