Mute or pause whats "easier" on the gear?

Im a curious to what all your opinions are on pausing and muting. Is one way a better way of "muting" the volume? Does it differ if you use tube or solid-state components? Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated. thanks
For CD/DVD, use STOP. Mute and pause leave the transport spinning (LASER on as well) causing wear and tear.

I've often wondered if I should leave car in drive or shift to neutral at stop light.
Ah, the mysteries of life...
Hey, Dweller, I always shift to neutral at lights (stick-shift), but I stay in the car. Ha,ha.
I heard from an old mechanic that putting the car in neutral at stop lights is a must to prolong the life of an automatic transmission.i also stay in the car at lights. lol
With a stick shift it's best to ride the clutch, drifting back and forth as you wait for the impending green light. It works best on a slight uphill incline. It draws a lot of attention too, which is fun.