Mutec MC3+ word clock drop outs

A rather left field topic here I'm afraid.

I have successfully used a Mutec MC3+ word clock generator with my DCS Verdi/Purcell/Elgar + rig for some time now and verything is marvelous. The word clock is the missing link in digital audio and elevates the music and sound to a level I have not previously had access to.
Just added a new Korg MR2000S DSD recorder to the mix. Having loaded several high res download music files to the Korg's internal SSD drive and connected it up to the Mutec's word clock signal I am finding that when playing back music tracks the word clock signal drops out and then reconnects between tracks. This annoyingly mutes the beginning of the next track therefore losing some of the intorduction to the track.
I wondered if anyone had any thoughts on how to remedy this please?
My first thought having had similar "drop out" issues (in my case high volume clicks) when playing hi-res files in my Vivaldi stack is to wonder if its a DCS issue not anything to do with the clock.

Do you get the same issues when you play the files without the clock? I.e. using the inbuilt DCS clocking?

In my case no matter what I did I could not get rid of this issue, clearly there's something going on in the hand off between tracks that causes a drop and reconnection in the entire chain and it could be that the dropped Mutec clock is a symptom not the cause

ps love the Mutec clock solutions -- I use the Ref 10 master clock to drive my Vivaldi clock
Just tried removing the Mutec as a clock and hooking up the Korg as the master and the Elgar+ as the slave, no difference I'm afraid. The DCS stack as a derivative of pro audio is probably an all AES device when it comes to sharing clock signals via its inputs. The Korg has the ability to switch its SPDIF output to AES Professional mode. That may enable a constant clock connection between devices, but would need an rca to XLR (spdif to AES) cable. I guess also that as primarily a recording device it is used to individual audio files being seem as just that. It has to load the next file being played from its internal SSD drive so that may cause the loss of clock sync while that is happening? I may have to join all the tracks from one 'album' together to achieve seamless playback...
I may have to join all the tracks from one 'album' together to achieve seamless playback...

Exactly -- I find these issues don't happen with every track on my playback from USB sticks, only with some cases, and usually problems with PCM files not DSD

I've had DCS upgrade to all the latest firmware and that didn't solve the problem ... one reason I stick with CDs and SACDs for my digital, plus I always find that playback from USB sounds a bit "off", a bit lifeless