My personal crisis with China Crisis....

I recently went back and listened to an album by this group entitled "Diary of a Hollow Horse". I was again amazed by how good (and unrecognized) this group was/is. Aside from the fact that Walter Becker of Steely Dan produced most of their releases, they really didn't get much pub that I can recall.

Are there any other fans of China Crisis who might recommend some of their other releases? I did a search on Amazon and want to buy a couple more releases, but don't know which ones are the "best". Thanks.
I love China Crisis as well. Try "Difficult Shapes & Passive Rhythms", "Possible Pop Songs Vol 2", "Flaunt the Imperfection" and "Acoustically Yours". Try to find the english pressings if possible.

I have to agree with Ktrogers. My favorite is "Flaunt the Imperfection" and it is superb.
I have two 12 inch remixes, the titles I have at home. If I remember correctly the unrelease B-sides were Pink Floyd-ish great.
Thanks for all the recommendations, especially FLAUNT THE IMPERFECTION. I used to like "Diary of a Hollow Horse" the best, until I bought this album. It's a solid album, but am not too surprised since Walter Becker produced it.
China Crisis was a very underrated band of the 1980's indeed.
I remember seeing China Crisis live on a couple of occasions, once with Simple Minds. I first heard their music on a trip to the UK when Difficult Shapes and Passive Rhythms had just come out and was struck by how different they were from the other so-called New Wave bands of the time. Unfortunately they never seemed to have very much exposure or popularity in the US.

Difficult Shapes And Passive Rhythms, Working With Fire And Steel, and Flaunt The Imperfection are personal favorites. They also put out some remixes on vinyl that had B sides that were not on their albums. I'm not familiar with their later work, but you've already received some good recommendations in that area.