My Planar 25 has a Poltergeist - Seriously, Help

I went to go play a record. I put the stylus down and all I heard was a "Sooshing" noise comming from the left channel no music at all. I lifted the stylus up and the noise DID NOT go away, still "Shoooshing" with the arm in its rest position. Then I shut the motor off, the noise went away slowly as the platter slowed down. Turned the motor back on again and I was in business playing music like nothing had happened.

Holy crap! Can anyone come up with an explanation for this one?

All my cartridge connections were intact.

Also, I can't recreate the problem.

Thanks guys, this one is weird, I know
Sound like a short circuit in the path, could it be possibly an interconnect or your phono stage.
If the motor wasn't grounded to the preamp, or phono preamp, you'd probably get a hum, but you'd still get a signal on the left channel. I still think you have an open signal path. Disconnect both RCA's from your preamp and with the phono selected, slowly turn up the volume moderately. You should get that sound on both channels.
I think I found the source. It has nothing to do with the motor.

It is Rega's wonderfull arm wiring.
Now is a good time to do the Incognito re-wire. I did on mine and it helped considerably.