OK, so seriously, what is up with TMR's pricing here??

I'm not saying it's high or low, though I've read here that they're over-priced.  I'm talking about the number of the price itself.  Examples:

speakers:  $1008.00

pre-amp:  $504.00

pre-pro:  $1310.00

speakers:  $6644.00

speakers:  $2846.00

music server:  $351.00 ( this has to be my favorite)  What's with the $1.00?

turntable:  $2017.00  (17 bucks, really?)

DAC:  $382.00

monoblocks:  $5219.00

You get the idea...It's just weird man. 

Well, they certainly got your attention 😉

And now you’re going to draw even more attention...mission accomplished! 
+1 for lalitk, yep, just to draw some attention.

But you missed the best one,

Speakers:  $2771.01

I wouldn't be surprised if one day we see a high end pair of speakers being advertised like this:

One for $8.56 and the second for $12,854.37.  (must buy both)

I remember at the site I worked the speed limit signs said 13 miles per hour.
It did get everyones attebtion.

It is also possible that they enter their cost for an item in the computer and it multiplies that figure by a desired percentage for the sale price.  The computer would not care if that figure was not an even number, but would automatically arrive at a price for each item.  I used to use Quickbooks in my business, and it had that feature.
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My assumption is they are factoring in the Audiogon ad fee on top of their base pricing.  

Must be using some kind of algorithm that doesn’t round up or down to “charm” pricing. The psychology around ending price points is a topic unto itself. 

I’ve seen sellers with multiples of the same item, pairs of tubes for example. This is done to prevent confusion as to which add is being responded to. I think in this case it’s just to grab attention. Kinda like filling my truck at $6.29 & 9/10 for diesel .😆

I fail to see the issue or strangeness, maybe it's me....I'd be more concerned about the quality of the item, how many miles on it, how many owners, the condition. Who cares if it's a buck over a 100 or 500 or whatever. 

They seem to have their business processes down pretty well.  I’d wager they have an automated algorithm that automatically  determines the right price for them to sell at. 

There's a lot of economic psych work done on pricing schemes.  If I were smarter I could elaborate, but alas...

I think TMR starts at a 'normal' price (say $999) and then discounts it a certain percent as time goes on. That is how you get the odd pricing.

Yeah, everything should end in 99 or 99.99.   who's hooting who?  Ring that bell, Pavlov!

Who really cares what the pricing strategy is as long as it is fair and the service is great? 

Wish more retailers would go to a similar mode and move away from MAP pricing. 


TMR listed pricing is irrelevant is you really want something they have.

Any smart shopper negotiates the price they want to pay.

That's my experience with them.


You'd be more comfortable with speakers at $999.95?

It's just like your goofy tax deductions. You know listing all your deductions at even dollar amounts will raise red flags. Besides, $1008 looks like it must have been carefully determined in order to fit some scientific profit formula. The sales manager made it up after making sure it would bring a price he could live with.

When you add shipping and taxes, which is how I figure the price of a purchase, it's not going to be a round number no matter what number you start with.

I for one am annoyed that TMR has basically taken over audiogon to the point that they’re driving up prices on the site in general.  I would venture to guess that TMR accounts for 50 percent or more of listings.  BTW, they also list everything on eBay and for less.

Never bought anything from TMR or don't think I ever will so doesn't bother me. Actually never knew about their pricing structure until this thread.

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TMR starts at a 'normal' price and then discounts the item by 1% percent about every 2 weeks. This results in the odd pricing. The 1% discount continues until the item is sold.  

I have both purchased and sold item using The Music Room and recommend them.