Mytek Brooklyn Bridge II

Anybody seen one of these. They keep moving back the delivery estimate. If so, what do you think?


My Mytek Brooklyn Bridge went dark maybe about seven or eight months ago, just after the warranty expired. It's been orphaned, i.e., nobody I've found wants to fix it. It's evidently a "1" as there is no indication of the model number. Loved it while it lasted, but for better or worse today's the day I'm officially "donating it" to the local electronics recycling bin. I'd feel guilty if you indicated you want it but...Rest in Peace, Oh Brooklyn Bridge!

The wife told me to hold off on the recycling bin.  It's your last chance!!!!

Mytek in Brooklyn should be able to fix it and as I see refurbished ones for sale on the Mytek website, I assume they take them in trade. Sorry to hear about your experience. 

@dherring -- Mytek won't answer my my emails and I'm not bright enough to figure out any other way to get hold of them. The Brooklyn remains little more than a doorstop.

The summer specials add insult to injury. Can get BB2 only by purchasing the amp plus package. Michal has stopped responding to my emails. I don’t know what’s wrong but it does seem very grave. 

The HEM company in Poland that they split off of I bet could fix it. They have actually put out a software release subsequent to what the official Mytek has released. My guess is that in addition the split and underlyign financial reasons, Michal wanted to put all his resources in BB2 and has foregone continued to support the BB1.

Mytek also has a Facebook group FWIW

Can’t get an email response from Mytek regarding fixing a broken Brooklyn Bridge or purchasing a new Brooklyn Bridge.  Am I understanding correctly? I remember reports here of this happening before and the Owner said his email was down.  Could this be happening again? Seems a little strange for a high tech company. 

Hi Marco1

We try to reply to all emails. What is your name in case we missed it?

We also have telephone line- please try this next time if email doesn't work. It's on the contact page on

Best Regards, Michal at Mytek


>HEM  have actually put out a software release subsequent to what the official Mytek has released.

The latest firmware versions that Mytek supports are posted here:

We do not recommend loading any other firmware as it can brick the device.

Best Regards, Michal at Mytek

Hi Ed

I dug up our email exchange. It looks like I wrote twice but you did not see the responses. Please check your junkmail folder and ideally just give us a call at the main number. I do suggest if you think you don’t get email reply, call the phone line next.

Best Regards, Michal at Mytek

From: Michal at Mytek <mehow@*******>
Subject: Re: My dead Brooklyn Bridge
Date: August 11, 2023 at 2:00:40 PM EDT
To: AT&T MAIL <edcyn@********>

We did reply to you but from the context it looks like you maybe did not see it?

Regards M

On Jul 15, 2023, at 10:38 PM, Michal at Mytek <mehow@********> wrote:

Hi Ed

Yes we can repair it if you can send it to our office in Brooklyn

Q: Who at (dealership) told you that they cannot repair?

If you had a purchase receipt, please send.

Thanks, Michal at Mytek NY

On Jul 22, 2023, at 10:06 PM, AT&T MAIL <edcyn@********> wrote:

My original model Brooklyn Bridge went dead a few days after the warranty expired. My retailer (name withheld) refused to repair it, even if I paid for the repair. They also did not refer me to a repair shop. Because of this, I replaced the BB with a Cambridge CXN which I bought from Upscale Audio. I actually enjoy the Cambridge quite much.. Even if it doesn’t.image quite to the same standard as your device it offers me better tonal quality. In any case, if you offer me a repair, either in or out of warranty, I’d consider taking you up. I gotta say, too, that yeah I bought the Cambridge at an outlet other than Music Direct.

I write this only because I’m on the verge of hoisting the BB into the local electronics recycle bin

Ed Morris

Michal thanks for responding  My post above was only to comment on the others who said they were unable to contact Mytek.   Good that you’re able to reply to the apparent confusion as well.  It’s unfortunate that manufacturers such as yourself get a bad rap sometimes for something that seems unjustified.


I checked with my dealer again regarding delivery of the Brooklyn Bridge II.  That's why I'm on this thread to begin with.  They were expecting delivery in July, but say there are no updates.  Same thing the OP is saying above.  Would you kindly let us know when we can expect delivery.