NAD C372 Integrated or Bel Canto s300i Integrated

I am interested in the following two integrated amplifiers:

NAD C372 Integrated Amplifier
Bel Canto e.One S300i integrated amplifier

Any thoughts on these two units? Budget is $1000 to $2000. Here is some info about what I am interested in-

1 Enough power for a medium size room- with no amp strain
2 LOW NOISE unit
3 Good tonal balance and a can produce low, mid and high frequencies without bloom, harshness and with smooth midrange.
4 Neutral in presentation of the music (not warm or otherwise adding it’s own sonic signature)
5 Wide soundstage
6 Dynamics, microdynamics and quick transient response
7 Great detail
8 Musical

I will be using a Benchmark DAC with an optical switch between a Rega Apollo as a transport or
Itunes library played through a Slimdevices Squeezebox. Speakers will be 4ohm floorstanders or 6ohm bookshelf of average sensitivity.

I can also use my Benchmark as a preamp, if anyone has any OTHER suggestions for an integrated OR stand alone power amplifier.
Why not try the Benchmark as the pre for now and just put the investment in a good amp?

I almost went this route recently to go with my Musical Fidelity A3CR amp, which can be had used for well under $1000 and is quite good (Stereophile class A I believe) IMHO, but opted for a tube DAC rather than the Benchmark, in which case I would have gone with the pre model.

Then add a pre-amp upgrade later if you still feel the need.

BEtween the Bel Canto or NAD, I could go either way depending on the rest of the system. In general, and specifically given your criteria, I'd probably tend to lean towards Bel Canto.
Mapman's suggestion is a good one. As long as you don't have analogue sources, the Benchmark should make for a good preamp eliminating the need for an integrated amp. Considering your interest in the Bel Canto S300i integrated amp, the Benchmark into the Bel Canto S300 stereo amp would work well for you and cost you less than buying the integrated amp. Your list of criteria describes the Bel Canto amp quite well in my opinion. I am a Bel Canto dealer though, so feel free to take my opinion or leave it. More than anything, I just wanted to 2nd Mapman's suggestion.
I think with the newer BEnchmark pre-amp DAC model, there are analog line level inputs as well so you could add a phono with outboard phono pre-amp later as well with that model if you were so inclined.

Mapman's suggestion to run the Benchmark into a power amp is a fine idea -- unless you want remote control. I've owned the NAD C372 -- did not keep it long. Had a big, powerful sound, but lacked something in subtlety and musicality. I don't know the Bel Canto. I can suggest one more contender for you to consider -- the Naim Nait 5i. It turns up used on Audiogon fairly regularly. Since buying one, I've had no desire to change amps (and I've been through many, tubes and solid state, integrateds and separates).
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I never auditioned a Bel Canto so I cannot comment on that. I currently own a NAD C372 in my primary set up, driving a pair of Dynaudio monitors.

One thing I like the C372 is that it is not excessive warm in the midrange like its less expensive brother C325BEE so I can say the C372 is pretty neutral. No complaint on my NAD C372 so far and it's grown on me.

Using the DAC as a volume control/passive preamp is not a bad idea while you already have a good transport like the Rega Apollo.

If you go with power amps, I suggest you go with Sim, Classe, or NAD classic lines (C375 BEE will be shipped soon) Right now, you can get a new C372 for around $800 brand new. A used NAD M-3 integrated is also worthy of a test drive.

I have heard that MF could be a bit edgy for some speakers so make sure you listen to the amp before you buy MF power amps. From my experience of owning both Canadian and British amps, I think most Canadian amps are a better buy than most British amps.
Sorry, I meant NAD will soon ship the NAD C275 as a power amp. C375BEE is an integrated.
Thanks to all for your input. I like the idea of the Bel Canto amp, Benchmark as a pre. I have been VERY happy with the Benchmark= the very best sound I have to date is-

1 fav cd of the day
2 Apollo transport
3 Benchmark ext DAC and headphone amp
4 Grado 60 cans
5 ears
6 smile
Seems like this thread has mostly run it's course, but some comments in case anyone is still listening.

I have the NAD C372, and also the NAD T753, and the NAD C275BEE.

I use the 372 in a second system, which is computer based with the CA DACMAGIC feeding the 372.

I have also tried to use the 372 and the T753 both as pre-amp to the 275BEE. Strangely, I preferred the pre-amp section on the T753 over that of the 372. The 372 alone is a much cleaner sounding amp in 2 channel than the 753. The 372 is also very neutral. So if you have dry or thin or bright sounding speakers and/or ancilliaries, then the 372 might be too edgy.

The 275BEE is another story. Wow, what a great sounding amp. It has the best qualities of the 372 and the 753, and then some. It has way more more clean power (before clipping) than does the 372, even though both are rated for 150 w/ch. It also has more bass, better mid range, and sweeter highs than either of the other 2 amps mentioned.

You really can't go wrong with the 275BEE. Michael Fremer in a recent report said if you are looking for an amp below $10,000, then put the 275BEE on the list. The 275 runs for about $1,200, so quite a claim to make, but I understand why he said this. With my modest B&W 603 S3 setup (good cabling and power all around though) and Cambridge Audio 840C, it sounds phenomenal. I use the 753 as pre-amp for the 275, so that I can use the 275 for 2 channel and as part of my surround setup as well. I can imagine the 275BEE would sound pretty special with a better setup than I have. I expect I am going to own it for some time and make it the center piece of my 2 channel system as I make modest upgrades. BTW, the 275BEE is also receiving very good reviews from Hi-Fi News and others as well, with a lot of `giant` killer comments being made. Does not surprise me a bit.