NAD c399 integrated amp and what DAC?

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There has been a lot of talk and videos on DAC's. I was wondering if anyone here can give advice on a DAC around a $1000 or less that would make a SOLID Dfference. I love the sound of my NAD with the Revel M1O6, My NAD has the ess90282qM chip. My thought, in the quest for even better sound is would a 9038 PRO or R2R sound better?  I would certainly be open for a little more expensive DAC's.


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1) This should be posted under the "digital" category, not "music". ;o)

2)  Without knowing which particular sonic characteristics you favor, it's difficult to answer your question. More info, please! 

3) You can also search this subject. Click on "digital" under "topics" then type in "best dac for $1000.00" in the search bar.  

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I tend to like a warmer sound with some “gusto”. Something that can add presentation and depth. I also favor more mids and highs than bass.


Used MHDT Orchid

Used Border Patrol

Both have very good reputations. Both are warm r2r, which may or may not give you what you what you want, sonically. 

You may have to spend a good deal more for something like a used Denafrips Venus, used Chord Qutest or used Schiit Yggdrasil to achieve a dramatic improvement. 

And now, that really is all I can say on this topic!