I just got my NAD M5 fixed and full mod! PCM section mods with new proprietary clocking, new caps, diodes, resistors etc. Analog and Digital power section being also moded, Analog Output also being moded. SACD not being touch since it has a pretty good clock and chip!

This is a completely different machine from what I had before it broke down.

Now I am really enjoying this break in! WOW
NAd M5 has been repair and MOD by It sounds pretty impressive! PICS coming soon!
What was the breakdown you had with the M5? Also, did the mod include an upgrade to the USB input? The one in the M5 is not the USB 2.0 async version that's on NAD's new M51 DAC. I'm wondering when/if NAD will address this, as it's a major shortcoming of the M5.