Nagra CDT vesus Accustic arts Drive 2 reference

Hi, does anybody has solid experience with the above stated transport? How would you compare between them?
Furthermore, do you think a Nagra CDT( Transport version only) would sound significantly better than its cdp if just intend to use as transport only?!
Your comments would be highly appreciated!
Hi Samhvcc, the AA drive II is an excellent sounding transport and is beautifully built. I had it untill it was replaced by a much more expensive MBL piece. I never have compared these two transports side by side, so I can't tell you if one is significantly different/better then the other. However, I have heard the Nagra CDP and was not very impressed with its sonic performance regardless of its high cost. Take a look at my numerous reviews of different Accustic Arts pieces here on the GON for more details on the transport.
Hi Teajay, thanks for your sharing!
I've also read your reviews regarding the AA drive & dac combo previously. I was wondering why it seems there aren't so many users of AA reference drive, but would only reviewing Drive 1 or its MKII version. Moreover, I'm not sure if AA vs Nagra would just be a taste of Apple & orange?
Samhvcc said; I was wondering why it seems there aren't so many users of AA reference drive.

I believe it was just a timing issue, the Tube Dac came out first and allot of individules really enjoyed it's sonics including myself so we were trying different transports with it. I actually had an Oracle 2000 at the time, great pce. I tried allot of cost no object transports to surpase it and ended up with a MBL 1621a. Teajay went from a AA transport which I owned also and then went to the MBL 1521 noticing notable sonic improvements, you can read his threads and thoughts of such and then most recently to the same transport as I have the MBL 1621a. It's costly but it's absolutely marvelous! paired up with the AA Tube Dac.

There really is no right or wrong or best just different sonic flavours, presentations, etc. bla bla. You should have a read of Teajays thread in relation to this and others views also to find out what your flavour is, there's allot of great info. there. I find that once you find others that you can relate with this really assist.

What's does the rest of your set-up consist of.
Although I have never heard the Nagra, nor the MBL, I have heard a couple of Accustic Art players in the past. I thought all of them sounded " precise " but a bit on the side of antiseptic. Well, I just borrowed the newer DACII and DriveII and after it's initial warm up have found that this definately has it going on ! Digital cable will be important, I am using an Acoustic Zen mid-priced XLR type and I must say I was quite shocked at how good this combo sounds... This combo has changed my mind a little, need to listen more, I am really liking what I am hearing....

I have heard the Nagra CDP a couple of times. IMHO it is one of the best CD players out there. I have heard both the Nagra CDP and a Boulder 1021 on the same set. I thought the Nagra was better.
I have heard the Nagra CDP which was getting from my friend previously. And i agree it was absolutely one of the best CD players found on the market. But unfortunately it doesn't come with great result by connecting via its digital output to my tube dac which suits more to my whole tube system. So i sold it out currently in return to get a Nagra pure transport instead.
Having compared with the AA drive 1 MkII with Nagra transport, i can't comment which one is better. It is just a matter of taste. AA drive sounds more powerful, analogue & bigger in soundstage, wheares Nagra sounding more precise, airy & comfortable with great imaging.
Pity that i still do not have chance to A/B compare between the Nagra & AA reference drive directly....
I have heard the Nagra cdp, the Accustic Arts Reference Drive which I own is better
Hi Hotbird, would you elaborate more about your experience of both of them? What character differences in between two? and which dac you partner with your AA drive for the audition?

I partner the AA Drive naturally with it's Reference Tube DAC which I upgraded from the previous Mk3 DAC. You can see some of my thoughts along with Teajay's threads on the tube dac.
Using the AA drive II for few months eventually and really got satisfied with its performance. Well, but i still miss
my Nagra player which performs so well especially small chamber music, acoustic guitar etc... It has the sound character not easy to get rid of~