Nakamichi TX 1000 turntable

I want to find out what the value of a Nakamichi tx 1000 turntable. I have access to one but I've seen values all over the scale. The unit seems in pristine condition.
Agree with Jeb. You must let me know immediately where I can buy that unit so as to save you some heartache. Heh-heh.
Don't listen to Lewm you should contact me first,..Sorry to say It's a real clunker Clint,...old and out dated, the new offerings of today are much more advanced and forward thinking in their designs,....Save your money for something else.
Ct0517, thanks for sharing that video. Leave to Nak to have some cool manueuvers on a turntable.
Thanks for the link, Chris. Maybe the coffee hasn't kicked in yet, but somehow, when the stylus hit the groove, that was not the music I expected to hear come out of an awesome machine like that. Even more awesome tonearm.

yes - Youtube especially some older videos can be hit and miss on sound if the TT/ or any source and the portable camera/microphone recording are located away from the best angle for the type of speakers being used. It can sound pretty bad. I have tried this.

taken from here.

Both the TX-1000 and the Dragon CT have a glass top platter on top of a metal sub-platter. A sensor arm is used by both turntables to measure the off-centeredness of the LP. The top platter is then automatically moved relative to the sub-platter to correct for the off-centeredness of the LP. The two turntables make the correction in different ways.

So you have a glass top platter on top of another one. I own three tables with very different platters. The platter types based on my hearing matter - big time. Even the reviewer said the glass platter required a mat.

As a primary vinyl user, I admire Nak for attempting this. imo - the record is the Achilles heel. the Elephant in the room.

All these super expensive new tables coming out - with the technology available these days (25 years later) Do any of them address the records biggest problem (imo) - the off centered hole ? It affects stability and pitch.

If I am spending serious cash on a table today - I want and am demanding from the manufacturer something that corrects for the hole; since I don't see them coming up with a new way of making records any time soon?

Although the 3d Printed Record is interesting. google it.

Interesting comment

Spare parts seem to have still been available in Japan as late as 1997 but with prices bordering on the crazy (1200$ for one foot !) and none of the truly vital spares available such as PCBs or the fatal commanding IC.

Between the TX-1000, the subsequent Dragon CT, the OMS-1000 and the now demolished Sound Research Center and concert hall, Nakamichi probably buried a fair chunk of its financial reserves and energy.

taken from here

Pictures of the parts involved are seen in the above link as well if you scroll down.

Hi Clint501 - as the OP of this thread I want to say that I
apologize for my rant in the previous post.
Hopefully those links are helpful.
Good luck in your quest.
Told you the coffee hadn't kicked in. Sorry I wasn't clear. I was not referring to the quality of the sound (can't have high expectations of Youtube); I was expecting music a little more, well.... serious, to come out of such a serious looking machine. Regards.
here is a better youtube version Frogman - its DIGITAL


Can somebody give Clint501 a price you would be willing to pay for a pristine unit like he asked ?
I am really curious to hear what that number is.
Since Lewm and In_shore seem so enamored with the table maybe they can volunteer a number?
A fiend of mine has a TX1000 that's part of a large collection of vintage components that he calls his audio museum.
I bought my 2 arm Kenwood LO7D from him, however only after relentless negotiations and sleepless nights wondering if he would change his mind at thae last moment.
The TX 1000 no matter how good condition even with the factory box,manuals ect , personally I would not pay more then 3 grand,
I payed less for my LO7D and that vintage table leaves a few very expensive tables sucking wind. Technology is one thing and show biz is another.
Sound wise the TX is ok ,nothing ground breaking however the table is VERY interesting part of audio history.,....
Defensive-ism. Hard to see, but that was quite a putdown, even if meant in jest, which I do doubt. There is no accounting for taste. You have your, I have mine, he has is, and they are each as valid as the other. Truth. Lots of transgressions are excused/explained as " being a joke". Not.
Rpeluso, kindly explain how it is that my referring to that music as not particular serious is any more of a "transgression" (!!!!) than you referring to me as a "snob". "Putdown" ? C'mon man, lighten up. I don't know the person who posted that video nor why he chose that music; not to mention that he is clearly not part of this discussion. Have you nothing better to do than play monitor? What have you contributed to this thread besides your criticism of me? Nothing.

****There is no accounting for taste. ****

Obviously so.

****You have your, I have mine, he has is, and they are each as valid as the other. ****

Also true, but "as valid" only to each of us. I can respect the fact that you may like Velveeta more than aged Vermont cheddar, but don't tell me that I am not allowed to say that Velveeta is not particularly good compared to aged Vermont cheddar. I am not interested in the kind of relativism that you seem to adhere to. If that makes me a snob, I accept the title proudly.
Clint505, apologies for the irrelevant silliness. Now, to answer your and Chris' question: personally (and cheapskate that I am) I would probably be willing to pay around $2000 for that table simply to experience the benefits of Lp centering; with the assumption and expectation that a complex machine like that will need expensive (or impossible) repairs in the future and the assumption (probably unfair, but based on my experience with many different tables over the years) that, ultimately, that benefit will not outweigh possible downsides of the design. I would go for it. I can't imagine that you couldn't, as a worst case, get a very substantial part (or all and perhaps even more) of your investment back from the sale of the parts if the table breaks down.
Good luck. Very cool machine for playing some serious music :-)
From the OP.

I want to find out what the value of a Nakamichi tx 1000 turntable. I have access to one but I've seen values all over the scale. The unit seems in pristine condition.

Well..... if this thread was a real auction.

In_shore would have won a turntable for $3000. I hope he is a collector based on his comments.

Frogman lost out on bidding at $2000.

Ct0517 was outbid at $1500. it was a silent bid...
I made this U-tube video with my Nakamichi Tx 1000 and the Paul Simon quadral record some years ago trying to show the platter centering. I know Paul Simon is not everyone's piece of cake but the record's quality is very good.
btw the ET-2 is a wonderful linear tracker!
sold my Naka.
Thuchan, no need to make apologies for your choice of music. I like Paul
Simon, and I agree that the sound quality of his recordings is generally very
good. I apologize if I came across as critical of the music; it was simply a
bad attempt at humor. Great table! I have been intrigued by it since the old
TAS days when (I believe it was) REG would always speak highly of the
benefits of LP centering. Regards.
Frogman, you're right on the quality recordings of Paul Simon. Many other performers don't care about sound like e.g. the Boss, maybe they more often listen to loud music on stage than we...
all the best
The first off all Nakamichi TX-1000 is the awesome hightech apparatus for collectors.
And there are turntables, which are first of all great for listening to music. Micro Seiki, EMT, Thorens ( please add the list :) owners understand, what I talk about...
$3k is funny.  I seen in is going in the $7-9k range lately, with a NOS unit just went on eBay for $20k. 
Agreed. $3K is a joke.
There are serious collectors out there and as long as everything is in working can go for serious money even if outperformed by some other uber Japanese classic DD decks.

This was 2 years ago; the OP probably bought and sold the TX1000 in that length of time.  But $6-7K range is where I have seen them for sale.  I agree that $3K would be very low. On the other hand, the first guy, who said that they are hard to repair if malfunctioning is very correct, so far as I know.  Makes you think we're living dangerously with vintage turntables, or something like that.