Narrowed down cable choice for Naim and Harbeth

EMT Tsd 75>Well Tempered Simplex 2>Auditorium Step Up>Naim XS3 integrated with built in phono>Harbeth C7 ES3 (Not XD) speakers is the system chain. The Simplex has RCA outs, so I need a phono cable, and an IC from SUT to Naim phono. I am considering Triode Lab Wire or Black Cat. I’m aware of the unfortunate passing of Chris, so I’m willing to buy used or new. I don’t want to be closed minded, but I think it’s best to mention I’m not one to go for real fringe (white elephant) brands. No offense to those who do, but I thought being up front on that may simplify any offered suggestions. My price range is $400 per meter for (rca/rca) interconnect, and $600 for SC’s. The Triode wires are priced in line with my budget, as are the entry level offerings from Black Cat. I have concern that while the Triode cable have a strong following, perhaps they’re geared toward low power amps and high efficiency speakers. Their company is called Triode. (-: