Nashville Tube Amp Repair???

I have recently moved to Nashville and I'm looking for someone close by who can preform a diagnostic test on my VTL 225 Deluxe, my CJ PV11 decided to kill it, along with my MV-75A1s. I don't really want to ship it out to California, so if anyone knows someone local to the Nashville area, I would greatly appreicate it. Thanks
Let's see: Nashville, the home of country music recording with all those tube guitar amps? Maybe you should try calling the local music stores. I am sure they can direct you to a good tech who knows audio also.

I have checked with several guitar repair shops, haven't found anyone willing to looks at my stereo amps yet. I going to keep looking, there is bound to be someone good in town!
That's strange as I just googled tube amp repair and lots of listings came and yes, most of them are guitar amp services and on a look up of high end stereo shops brought up a couple. One would think that in Nashville, of all places, there has to be someone who can repair your amp.

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There is a small company here in Chattanooga that specializes in tube design. Daryl has repaired many many tube amps (including Audio Research, Cary) that have been written off by the vendors service department as unfixable. He seems not to require schematics, which is helpful, as they are not always available. Try looking up Digital Phase in Ooltewah (just outside the Chattanooga city limits).
If Memphis isn't too far, you can try George Merrill at the Analogue Emporium.