Need a good reputation repair shop for Mitsubishi DA-P20 preamp.

 Fellow Agoners, I’m looking for recommendations of a repair shop preferably Nevada(my state), CA or Western US for my vintage Mitsubishi DA-P20 preamp. When powering up the preamp the sound is broken up and varies drastically in volume. After it’s warm it works fine, however the time to warm up without the problem keeps getting longer. I have a local shop and have had them repair a vintage amplifier but they only seem to fix exactly what is broken(appreciate that) and won’t consider that 1975 amp might need capacitors replaced or at least they won’t take on that job. While I appreciate them not taking advantage of the repair situation I also don’t get a warm fuzzy about their repairs.

Suggestions from those that have actually used the repair shop they are recommending.are greatly appreciated.


My suggestion would be to buy something new or at least newer. There have been some major improvements in audio electronics since that unit was made. You can easily get something for the cost of repairing the Mitsubishi. Seriously, For a couple hundred dollars you could buy something used! Others may have ideas, best wishes.

I have thought about that approach, I like the dual mono design and phono MM/MC included in the DA-P20. With so many newer options I get lost as to what might be a better preamp. 

I would get that unit fixed,I treasure mine and have the entire tower full so would preserve the set(DA-P20,DA-F20 tuner,DP-EC1 TT,DT-40S cassette,DA-A15 amp/with meters)driving a set of EPI100 and a set of Allison Acoustic 6 speakers,very fine sounding old equipment that is hard to find,well worth the expanse of repair

or just leave it on,don't shut it off

Bad experience with audio techs, I work on my own gear most of the time. Lazy about tube HK, Get the PS section redone. Been sick, check out the repair water. 

Techs wanted 3k, says amps are great were built well BS... Needs to be stripped and rebuilt blah blah. 

Told me they have to accept the job. Like some type of lotto. 2 of them said same thing!

I told them, I was being lazy, worked on tube amps for 20 years, you need to strip the amp completely to change PS filter caps? 

Avoid CA lol.