Need a replacement motor for Audiomeca J1

So the motor just went caput.  I've done all the checking I can, even had an electronics shop test it out.  Someone on another forum suggested that the Rega 24v DC would work.  Any thoughts?  

I know the J1 motor is encased in lead, and all I really care about is getting the turntable up and running again.  Other suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Well what did the electronics shop tell you? I'd think it wouldn't be hard to figure out the specs on a motor. And your replacement motor will have the benefit of not being encased in poisonous lead!

Maybe an opportunity to justify purchasing the Eclipse motor system from SOTA. It’s likely to be a huge upgrade.

Rega is trying to sell their kit so they are motivatedd to help you know if it will fit.  I'd start wth them.


Thanks everyone - I've reached out to Rega, Sota and Crouzet.  We'll see!  I did get the motor out of the lead housing.  Made by Crouzet back in 1988.  I'm pretty sure it's 24V.

Best outcome is that Crouzet has a replacement; the original has that bent shaft.  No way to repair it.

Images of Motor and Label