Need advice for pre/pro and front end

I am upgrading my audio/HT system and would appreciate any help. I am a life long music fanatic but regained interest in audio equipment through home theater. This journey began about a year ago with the purchase of a Harmon Kardon AVR 520 receiver, HK dvd changer, polk sub, center, and in-wall surrounds. The HK stuff replaced a Luxman reciver and CDP and I used my old Snell E's as fronts. I later added an Anthem PVA5 power amp and with the AVR used as a pre/pro. At this stage HT was fine. Next curiosity of sacd/dvd-a brought a Pioneer DV-45a. After aquiring a number of the high resolution discs I got an Outlaw ICBM and can now enjoy the format. I would still prefer digital output for sacd/dvd-a but the Outlaw works pretty good for now. My next step was to upgrade the music end of my system. I found a deal on used Paradigm studio 100v2's and a Classe CA-200 for fronts. This has been a satisfing combination. I also got a Paradigm studio CC ( HT is still important as I really enjoy watching movies with my wife and kids). My next purchase will be a Rel Storm sub. For info purposes I also have a twenty year old Luxman TT with a Grado cart. and NAD preamp. I enjoy collecting old albums but am not very interested (at least for now) in upgrading this end. I am still using the AVR as a pre/pro with the DV-45a as the sole digital front end. The AVR has a large number of features that I like that would be hard to come by on a reasonably priced used higher end pre/pro ( HDCD chip, Prologic II, DTS-neo ). While I am in limbo over the direction of high resolution digital how much am I missing out on using the AVR and the Pioneer as a CDP?
Also I have a philosiphy that the cost of the equipment should not exceed that of the music ( you gotta rationalize somehow ). Since I probably have ~ 1000 cd's, 500 lp's and 20+ sacd/dvd-a's I think there is a little budget left. I appreciate your patience with this rambling and probably too broad of a query but would welcome any advise, opinions or criticism.

Thanks, Bryan
Looks like you are all set for great two channel sound except for your cdp and your preamp,so I would go there. For a good pre I would go with a passive transformer volume control like I did or a good tube active with a pass through for home theater. I was in the same boat as you not to long ago. I had my sunfire theatergrand prepro pulling double duty ($3400) and it is very,very good on two channel but still not good enough. I posted on my pre choice a couple of days ago so you can read it if you would like. A transformer volume control is a simple high quality volume control that allows you to run your cdp straight to your amp without an active preamp. You can have as many inputs-outputs as you need,rca and or xlr. A lot of people go the tube rought and I would say that would be great also. I have no experience with your Pioneer model so I can't really say if you need an upgrade there,my guess would be that you do.
An Anthem AVM 2 or AVM 20 would probably serve your puposes well. I don't own one, but I was impressed with it when I heard a demo.
It should be obvious from by to general plea for help that I am new to this site as well as high-fi equip and am a little intimidated. I really appreciate the responses so far. Sogood, I am intriged by your suggestion and will research it. Thsalmon your response is my delima(sp?). I acctually have an opportunity to get an AVM2 at a pretty good price, but my understanding is that it does not have prologic II (not good for movies from digital cable in 2-channel). My real question is how much would one of these better pre/pro's help my music. As I mentioned before HT is fine. I feel my receiver as surround processor is good enough for movies but wonder if I am paying a price sonically for music. With the cost of a decent pre/pro and the uncertainty of high resolution digital will I be better served with a better pre/pro or cdp. I need to keep the systems intigrated as I'm lucky to have the one room I now enjoy.
Embarresed by the above post. I am an engineer so someone could toss me a math problem but I can't spell arethmitick.
A top of the line prepro will give you about 80-90% of what you will get out of a good two channel pre. They are a prepro first and everything else must come second. That 80-90% may be good enough for you, it was for me for a long time. If you want the very best and want that last 10-20% in sound quality you will have to add a good active or passive pre to your system. I would also add a good stand alone cdp to your system as you can find very good deals on them here on Agon. Don't forget some good wires also,you have some good gear in your Paradigm speakers and Classe amp and the will show any upgrades you do. No one can really say what's right for you or your system as there is no best of anything whin it comes to audio gear. My goals for my system and yours for yours might not be the same but in the end we both want what we think sounds the best we can afford. If you want to Email me I can give you my phone# and we can go over what your long and short range goals are for your system and your needs. After you define your goals, do your research and a do your listening with your ears you should have a very nice system. Dave