Need advice on what amp to get under a budget.

My dad has been using a Carver Receiver (MXR 2000) to power Polk Audio SDA Signature Reference Series 2 Speakers since he bought them in the 80s. The receiver has started to turn off and on and switch sources on its own, and has also produced a ringing sound constantly when turned on. I don't want to continue using it until it's fixed, but me and my dad are both thinking that it's time to replace the Carver with a newer amplifier. We are looking for something under $1000 if possible. I don't think we need anything above that, and the room is quite small so we're both not concerned with massive power, we just want good quality. A friend suggested NAD. Are there any brands or specific models that are well known for their high quality under $1000?
Plinius.  I own both a 8150 and 9200 and think they are great integrated amps. My amps have never had any issues.  Lost my remote controls.  Have a universal RCA remote which easily coded for the Plinius remote functions.   Currently there is one on eBay.
What sources are you using?

In addition to the aforementioned, I can recommend the NAD 326BEE (50wpc) and Yahama A-S701 or 801(both having phonostage and digital inputs and provide 100wpc, the 801 has additional USB digital in).

The Odyssey in not an integrated. The Outlaw is a receiver with phonostage and digital inputs.
Decware zen se84ufo. Lifetime warranty and in a small room with efficient speakers - beautiful sound!