Need Cable Advice Please!!!

I just purchase a Muse 2 Dac. I am going to connect to Pioneer DV 05 Dvd/Cd player until I found the right deal on a quality transport. The Muse has all the audiophile connectins but the pioneer only has RCA connection and my preamp, Chiro C800 only has RCA connections. What is the best way to connect in terms of type of cable and brand name. I plan to spend around 150.00 for a good used cable. Thanks for your help and reply.
I don't know what would be the best coaxial digital interconnect. Occasionally I use Illuminations D-60. THE BEST RCA LINE LEVEL INTERCONNECT FOR THE MONEY IS THE MIT 330 SHOTGUN. It's double $150 used, though. You might try Harmonic Technology Truthlink, or Straight Wire Encore or Rhapsody. YOU'LL HAVE TO EXPERIMENT FOR YOURSELF, good luck!
Currently I am using a nordost moonglo digital cable. Although it is a little more than the 150 you want to spend in the long run you will be glad you brought it. Great connectors, well made cable. Good luck
I had a $150 jena labs digital wire. I didn't know what I was missing until I got an MIT digital reference. I could sware I had got a whole new system. You definitly do not want to scimp on wires. The MIT sells for $325 new but I got mine used for $175. The best money I've ever spent! Oh yeah and for dvd movies it made them devistatingly better sounding!
I think you go to buy a Illuminations D60 digital . It's a right choice. Hope this help.
Hi RLam..; I also have a Muse Model two DAC and it only has 2 iputs-- both BNC. Do the newer ones have more inputs? Muse will supply BNC to RCA adapters (high quality), so I use the adapters with Cardas Lightening digital cables. The Cardas are fast and neutral. Maybe hard to find used, but definitely worth it if you can. They should be cost about $100. to $150. if you can find them.
If you are without sound, make up a cable with Belden 8281, this is a precision video cable, and is a true 75 Ohms. You may find this hard to beat, even with expensive name brand cables, its certainly worth a try at $1.50 a foot.
get in touch with Craig at light-star audio. very good, 99.99% silver, and affordable.
Do yourself a favor and contact Nemo on this site. He very often sells cables in auction. He sells Stealth cables and they are truly wonderful for the price. Most of his cables are silver and are very reasonable in price. I think his silver digital cable sells for around $90. I replaced a monster cable with it and the improvements were impressive.