Need CDP opinions please

I guess you could say my first love is Vinyl as i have so many records and although i have never heard a really great CDP in my system (currently own a Philips SACD 1000),my fellow audiophile friend has loaned me his Wadia 860 to audition for a week...i just did not realize how good digital question is that the Wadia has been out for almost 5 years now....are there any players that perform as well as the Wadia in the $2000.00 used range? Thankyou all for your help!
Have you considered a Sony SCD-1 SACD/cd player? It too has been out for 5 years, but worth every penny.

I had my SACD 1000 modified by Dan Wright. The signature mod with tube output stage was around $1250. Sounds better than my stock XA-777ES.
For "slightly" over $2000, you could get a Resolution Audio Opus 21. It is a KILLER CD Player at its used price. It also has digital inputs, so you could attach another digital source if you wanted. Also, it has built-in volume control if you want to try it connected directly to an amp.

The going rate for a nice used one is about $2300-2600. If you buy one, you will want to insure that it has the "newer" style transport as the original style was noisy.
The Consonance cd players are stunning value. I would look at the Consonance 2.3 CD Player (is like the 2.2 but without the digital volume control) - which you can get new for 2k or much less, depending on the source. There are those that will try and scare you off buying a Chinese player, but the Consonance have an exemplary build quality and have been the most consistent of the Chinese audio companies in terms of churning out excellent sounding and well engineered products. The 2.3 has silly state balanced output and tube single ended (RCA) output using the super-tube Sovtek 6H30 used by BAT.
I have a Sony 999es modified by Dan Wright.

I liked it so much that I just sold my EMC-1 24/192. I had the 999es modified to improve DVD music playback, but it bested the EMC-1 on CD playback too! It proved to be a windfall for me.

(I asked Dan to do the most mods he could on the unit).
You may want to check out the Audio Aero Prima. You can get one brand new for less than 2k and I personally think it tops the 860, which I used to own.
I strongly second the Audio Aero Prima. I love mine. A couple of tubes in this baby brings this cdp a sweetness that can't be touched for twice the $$. Can be had new, for just under $2k. I can turn you on to a dealer who will give you akiller price with service and honesty to match. peace, warren