Need help choosing between Jolida and Peachtree

I am somewhat of a newbie to this forum and have been impressed by the quality of perspectives provided. So here's the question.

I am trying to decide between a Jolida 202 and a Peachtree Nova 125. I have always had solid state but have always wanted tube (it's always been a question of dollars). Wondering what everyone's thoughts are. Things I like about the Jolida besides the sound is that it is tube preamp and amp and its simplicity. I like the Peachtree for the built in DAC and flexibility.

I'm wondering what you think about where the most tubelike quality is "gained", in the amp or preamp. All insights will be helpful. If you think there is something significantly better in an integrated amp for $1,000 let me know (although I have researched many others).

I am also minorly trying to take into account resale for what I may want to switch out in a couple years.

Hands down it's the power amp. I sure a lot of people will disagree but I am certain beyond a reasonable doubt that this is the utter truth. It took me 7-8 years to figure this out. It was an expensive jouney through many amp pre amp configurations. When I finally put a modern tubed power amp in the system,did I really hear the magical sound that tubes make. I much prefer the sound from a tube power amp vs most any comparable transistor amp. Of course as always YMMV and all this is IMHO
I have the NovaPre (which I love), however, the tube does not seem to make a difference. Basically, don't go for the Nova thinking you'll get some tube glory. For about $300 more than a new iNova, you could get this and pair it with a Peachtree NovaPre
Thanks very much for your responses. I was thinking about an integrated Jolida but I think part if your point is that I will still need a separate DAC where it is built in the Peachtree.
You said that you like the Jolida for the sound, and the Peachtree for the built in DAC and flexibility. Based on that I would get the Jolida because for me it's about the sound first and foremost. Secondly, I would not want the DAC to be built in so that I would have the flexibility to get whichever DAC worked best with the rest of my system, room acoustics, and preference in music.
Panfish, if it were me, I'd spend most of it on a good tube amp, like the one suggested above from needledoctor and then buy the least expensive used pre-amp you can find and just use the dac in your pre-amp or cd player, if that's your source and IF the dac in your cd player sounds better than the dac in your pre-amp. Next, when funds were available, get yourself a nice dac and then after that, buy a nice pre-amp. i've found, myself included, many of us get upgradiates because we get some good sound going and want more and more. If you buy a nice tube amp now, one that you will be happy with for the long run, that will be a major, and expensive component, that you will not be itching to upgrade. It's also the heart of your front end.
Agree with Aberyclark.....the Nova 125 is a great Dac and an OK front-end. If you want the tube sound, the Jolida is a far better choice. I have/had both Peachtree and Jolida products and am familiar with both of your selections.
Thanks for the responses. Do you guys (or others) have a perspective on whether to go separate amp and preamplifier integrated? I was looking more toward integrated.

So have you gone with anything yet panfish? Im toying around with the idea of an integrated tube amp myself.