Need help choosing new CD player

I want to buy a CD player or separate Transport + DAC for $1,500-$3,000 that does 24-bit processing. Can anyone recommend some excellent products for 2-channel music? My system consists of a Conrad Johnson MF2300 amp and Audio Research LS-15 pre-amp and B&W Matrix 802 Series 3 main speakers.
A used BAT VK-5, A used EMC-1 Stick to one box if possible. SOmetimes the DAC + trans can be not easy. You get jitter and the possibility of a non true 75ohm Digital cable being used. If possible keep all the cables the same.
Check out the Arcam FMJ CD23T. It's an excellent player and an outstanding value for $2199 list.
You might want to take a listen to the Gamut CD-1.I've owned some expensive unit]last:Burmester 001} and I am enjoying this even more.No tubes and asking price is $2999.You should be able to get a discount and will outperform the Arcam and AAero,IMO,in the same price range.Happy hunting.Tom
The Sony SCD-1 is available from a few outlets (J&R Music World and Oade Brothers) for $3,000 delivered. This was Sony's first SACD player and its flagship player. I just bought one--it is built like a tank--weighs nearly 60 lb. Once you've broken it in, it sounds terrific, and it should last forever. It's like getting a great CD player with SACD thrown in for free.
After, my usual researching to death bit, and listening too, of course, I have decided to purchase the Audio Aero Prima. What I have compared it to really doesn't matter. Does it? YOU, really have to listen for yourself and let your ears tell you. All the listening adjectives you'll hear, are merely that; words. You must listen. I'm sure you'll get enough posts to give you a nice framework. Now I, first hand, have not heard the Gamut, which everyone seems to love. I do know people who liked the AA better. I, also, know people who prefer the Gamut. It's wild out there. If you can audition the Prima your tympanics are going to tingle. Lists for $2200, but can be found nicely discounted. Good hunting.
I have the same pre-amp and speakers as you and am very happy with the Linn Ikemi. Used ARC CD3s are also starting to show up that I bet would sound great with your gear, but you'd have to stretch your budget a bit.
I recently purchased a Granite 657 and think it's great.
While it is 20-bit processing, instead of 24-bit, I think you would find it to be very musical and an excellent value. The adjustable level control on the analog tube output stage going to the passive line stage is ideal in my system. I'd like to compare notes with other 657 owners if any read this thread.
Feel free to email.
There are quite a few in that price range worth auditioning.Audio Aero Prima {$2200},Shanling CDT 100 w/WE tube upgrade {2-2500},Arcam FMJ {2200},Gamut CD1 {2999}.I have to admit,IMHO the Shanling is very sexy and with the WE upgrade has a very good midrange.The AAero does the extremes better,but the CDT has it in the midrange,though a little less "pop" in the midbass.Good luck finding the player that works in your system.
I recommend the Resolution Audio Opus 21. It is $3,000 but I think it is the best in its price range. I auditioned many over a span of several months. It actually is a two box set up with the one box being an outboard power supply. It is very very clean.