Need help finding thread and website

I've been browsing the amp threads and the other day I came across a discussion of the few products sold by the designer online only. A group of you folks, some of whom have been around a while, couldn't praise these amps enough. Cost is very inexpensive. I can't find the thread which includes website info. Sound familiar?

Were they tube or solid state amps?

Some designer/builder amps are:

Welborne Labs
George Wright
Space Tech Labs
Channel Islands Audio
Scott Nixon

And I'm sure there are many more. What kind of product was it? Tube amp, Solid state, Chip Amp, Digital amp, etc. What was the power range you saw? Was it low power? 2 watts? 20 watts? 40 watts?

Give us some details and we may be able to assist....

These are tube products with a small line. Maybe no more than 2 of both pre and power, maybe even less. One of the power amps goes for about $1200. When I looked it was on sale for $899.00. I do remember that the chassis of the power and pre don't match. Some members wondered why the designer/builder didn't match them.
Are you thinking of Tube Audio Design? TAD-60 amp and TAD-150 preamp?
Not Odyssey but thanks for responding. The tubes are exposed. Someone is bound to remember talking up this one guy's products.
Sorry, I posted the Odyssey link before you said that the units had tubes. How about Audio Mirror? Link is below: