Need a source to play Websites w/o a computer?

I need some kind of source to play website radio(not XM or such as XM). I mean radio stations that have streaming available through the web. Needs to be simple for an old geezer to use. It should be able to plug into my Ayon CD7S just like a computer via USB or whatever as long as it can get the websites. Is there such an animal?

I found this online...

I've never heard one so I can't vouch for the sound quality, however it looks like it'll accomplish the task nicely (30k+ online radio stations). The Grace tuner does have a digital coax output that you can use with the CD7S coax input (switchable between USB and coax on the back of the CD7S). Let us know how it turns out ;)

Magnum Dynalab Internet tuners allow you to enter any URL for streaming. See:

You may need to copy the above link into your browser.
I tried a Grace radio but hated it. Too hard to surf the web, too slow and always had interruptions. My cell phone works much better.
As I noted above, the Magnum Dynalab Internet tuners (all 3 models) allow you to create and organize your favorite list of stations via an Internet Radio Portal website. The Frontier Silicon radio portal (free) is an Internet network provider that supplies over 24,000 stations (and growing) from all over the world. Users are able to "browse" stations by genre, station, and country.

This feature allows you to have a full list of the stations you listen to regularly on one page instead of having to search each time. Some stations come in sounding better than other stations. You should try to select Internet stations that are using 192k or higher for the best sound quality (you should test this). Stations using lower numbers (such as 48k, 64k, etc) do not sound as good. The portal allows you to select music type (classical, jazz, etc) by speed.

As per Magnum Dynalab instructions, the setup for the Frontier Silicon radio portal is free and very easy to use. The portal provides an excellent search capability to help you identify the Internet stations you want to listen to. You build your list on the computer and select the stations you want to listen to on the MD Internet tuner. This is an excellent feature and makes the Internet radio selection process much easier. New stations can be easily added or deleted using the Frontier Silicon radio portal. See


The Frontier Silicon interface allows you to use your computer to setup your stations, which then will be displayed on your MD Internet tuner. In addition, you also can select and add to your account any Internet station if you know the URL. It is much easier to use your computer to create your list of stations and then access them from your MD tuner. See their manual for instructions for setting up the portal:

The Magnum Dynalab Internet tuners supports both Wi-Fi and wired connections. For music streaming from the MD Internet tuner, I strongly suggest you use a wired connection for the best results (my opinion). You might want to test both options and then decide.

As an option, you can also plug a CD player into the MD tuners COAX 75 ohms input and use its DAC and not the one in your CD player. You might need a Neutrik Transformer to convert your source output to the 809t's COAX 75 ohms input. SEE:

I suggest you run balanced cables from the MD tuner to your amplifier, if possible. If not, use RCA plugs.

As per your question above, the Magnum Dynalab Internet tuners (models 801, 807 & 809) support streaming radio stations available through the Internet. You can also stream music from sources such as Calm Radio, Radio Paradise and other sources where you know the URL. I hope this information helps you decide what to do.
How about a Peachtree Audio BT1 and your smart phone? Total cost $99 shipped to your door. If moneys not an object, yeah, then go ahead and get the Magnum Dynalab MD809T for $7495.00 plus tax. Remember, this is internet radio and most stations use compression and low bit rates.

Hey, the MD801 is only $1600 plus tax; a bargain!
Thanks Elevick... good to know about the Grace.

Philefreak, I found that Sangean has a unit as well and the reviews look more favorable than the Grace I mentioned prior.