Are these fake?

Seller is in China, looks fake due the price of course... but I know sometimes they can be "fell off the truck" situations. Insight anyone?
I don't see "Furutech" anywhere on those receptacles! Nor on that box in the photos!
I see it on the receptacles but you're right a generic box. Just realized same seller as these Accuphase SC's which also must be fake. Nuff said.
no they did not fell off the truck. Visually many differences also, screws, attachment points, enclosure, safety marks and so on.
I have been into audio over 45 years last year great Audio Quest fakes , when in doubt Dont !!
Yes but things these days can be complicated. Fake like fake news fake like CNN, MSNBC, the CCP virus and enemy of the people fake? Or fake like what they call the truth fake? 

These being from China gets even more complicated. Borderline criminal fake like carcinogenic sheetrock fake, PPE that don't work fake? Or genuine fake like they stole the technology fake? Or just plain old run of the mill hey you knew it was made in China so what were you thinking buyer beware fake?
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you mean like only brain dead idiots could fall for it, you know, like Foux News fake 
It would be interesting to see what the Chinese substituted for the pure copper components under the plating, and if they used non-conductive stainless springs??

I am impressed they spelt FURUTECH correctly. Frequently the manuals from Chinese products have had creative grammar (not talking about either parent's mother) and intureshting shpelling.

Perhaps buy directly from Japan if you must purchase from Ebay.

I would say 90% of anything coming off eBay or Amazon are suspect and should be avoided.
Where it really gets complicated is when the "real" product is manufactured in China (as most things these days are) . What can happen is the trademarked company hires a factory in China to manufacture a run of say 2000 of product X. The factory does a run of 5000 ships the 2k for the agreed price, but then "dumps" the other 3k on China sites for 50-75% less than they sell from legit stores here. Factory has no R&D to recoup or marketing to pay for so can make very good profit. Thing is they are still the real deal just being sold underhanded or even illegally.

While in this situation the e-bay ones don't look like the ones on official site so prob a fake, I have purchased e-cig products here and then off a China site for 1/3 the price and compared them, and yep both identical right down to the anti-counterfit hologram seal on the box.
They do this with high end golf clubs.  You get exactly the same product from the same factory but at half the price.  Of course you have to try and buy in person to be sure what you are getting.  A popular item in Shenzhen.
Furutech does not sell on line.
Buy HOSPITAL GRADE outlets from an electrical distributor. These are the same as the ones used in audio power conditioners. In hospitals outlets are color coded for dedicated use with specific equipment.  They are all the same heavy duty quality.   ......and you can buy locally.
At this point, if one is so concerned about the 'quality' of your AC supply, just go totally overboard and go solar.

Whether one feels ones' audio absolutely will benifit from such is being OCD to a textbook level...imho.... but if you've got the $, the economy will thank you.

I have a hospital grade outlet at home. Solar? I have that too, but only at the desert hideout. I was mostly just curious the cut product tastes like the real thing. My son has a fake Rolex, he loves it.

Hi radblue

This is just one of the many dangers of doing business in China.  The over-production scam has been going for years and will continue.  If said amp retails for $10,000 and can be manufactured as additional numbers on an existing line for $750, there is a temptation most cannot resist to bang out some more and sell them at $6,000.  Nothing can be done, China is the wild west, there is no rule of law or legal system in the Western sense and in any case the Chinese courts will always favour their own.  Many businesses opening up in China have been cheated.  I know of one international blue chip that simply closed their factory in China and walked away.  They were being cheated so badly and couldn't do anything.

Moral.  We need to try to reduce our business with China so they realise they need to clean up a bit.

On fake Rolexes.

Many years ago I was sitting by the pool in Thailand with a friend.  He had shown me his new 'Rolex' and I simply said it was nice.  A little later we decided to cool off in the pool and he started to remove the watch.  'You don't need to take that off, it's waterproof to 1,000 feet'.  Oh, this one I do!'

It is also worth remembering the Chinese do their luxury goods shopping in branded shops in Europe and the USA.  They know full well if they use the shops in China they are likely to get a fake.  On some occasions a completely fake branded shop has been established and open for a few hours or days offering 'discounts'.  Shades of 'The Sting'.

Like I said - the wild west, or perhaps east.

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-1 millercarbon
Millercarbon: why do you feel the need to continually bring your far right political views into discussions about audio equipment? I get it; any attempt to hold your hero accountable amounts to "fake news". You drank the kool-aid and apparently you are quite proud of your membership in a cult of personality. I'm done. Now, I'm interested in learning about audio equipment.
No question fake. This is what China does. I have a friend who own a company that analyzes products that clients bring in. Most are prototypes made in China that are 1/4 the price for made in USA. Some of the findings, a stainless steel impeller for a food processor infused with 75% lead. The enamel finish of a cast iron tub that contained over 300 toxic chemicals in the paint. Then we all know the Chinese drywall that was the cause of copper water lines to erode and burst. Also remember that Amazon and eBay are the dumping grounds for this garbage. On Amazon even the toilet paper is counterfeit. There is a difference between getting a good deal and saving money.
Lol yes Chinese bad trying to make a buck wherever possible and desperate to make ends meet.

That would never happen here.
cal91- Millercarbon: why do you feel the need to continually bring your far right political views into discussions about audio equipment?

OP: Are these fake?

Seller is in China
So now its "far right" even to answer a question about audio components made in China on a thread specifically asking about audio components made in China. Please Mr Taliban tell us what speech is allowed. Maybe post a thread listing precisely which views we are allowed to espouse without threat of insult. Which is precisely what you did. Its called an insult. Not an argument.

Face it cal91, you have no argument. If you had them you would use them. You have only insults. Well, I will not be bullied by your insults.Yours or anyone else’s.

Miller, that was a concise consciencess rundown of fakery.

>>>>>Excellent attempt at spelling! Pretty close!  🤗
I would say 90% of anything coming off eBay or Amazon are suspect and should be avoided.
Gross oversimplification. I have purchased many items, new and used on eBay and Amazon including a $40k SL55 and my Cary Audio mono block amps. Total satisfaction. All you have to do is be a smart shopper and do your due diligence on what you're buying.


I’m glad MillerC delineated the vagaries of fakedom, because it’s not always 100% clear what we’re talking about right from the get.  
I bought a "Zero Zone" preamp through Tubes4Hifi that is marketed on ebay and Ali Express as a "CJ clone" circuit.  Maybe fake CJ, but a real enough preamp, and I like it...quiet, musical, ample gain.
I use it with a Mytek Liberty, Node 2i, and vinyl theough a MoFi UltraPhono.  Works for me.
Moral: plenty to be wary of coming out of China, but some nuggets...
Maybe you should read your post again. Bringing CNN and MSNBC into the discussion about what constitutes fake has nothing to do with answering a question about audio equipment. You make your political views very clear in your posts. Taliban? That's just nonsensical and weak. I'm willing to keep my political views out of the forums if you will do the same. Now, teach me something about audio equipment, and I don't mean snake oil. Sorry, I couldn't resist.
millercarbon: a peace offering
I have this question on a different thread. In your opinion, would a SimAudio Neo 260D used as a transport with my Lyngdorf TDAI 2200, be an improvement over a Linn Unidisk SC player? 
Don’t worry regulations that protect US from companies willing to poison us to make a buck are being chopped left and right (mostly right) to bring down costs so we can compete economically with China.

Between us trying to be more like China and China trying hard to be more like us there will not be much difference anymore at some point maybe pretty soon.

It really bugs me the way people fail to distinguish between the two (at least) very different ways in which the term is used.

1. fake news=the political equivalent of military disinformation; highly exaggerated or totally invented "news" items circulated by politicians to inflame their base and/or smear their opposition and/or deflect attention from what is really going on.

2. fake news=a label that constitutes a derogatory attack on reliable and reputable news outlets that are reporting news that the attacker doesn't like and doesn't want widely disseminated; an attempt to invalidate or at least spread insidious doubt.

The invention and widespread use these days of #2 muddies the waters and creates confusion in identifying the numerous instances of #1.

"No question fake. This is what China does."
I knew all those iPhones were fake.

As far as OP question goes, fake as fake gets. At the same time, maybe as good as any you have ever had.
"In hospitals outlets are color coded for dedicated use with specific equipment. They are all the same heavy duty quality."
What is the difference in them, if the quality is all the same? What are the color codes?

EDIT: I found some explanation...!topic/
But... Furutech products are way overpriced! They are good products but come on.
I mean a Furutech 20A NCF IEC connector is selling on eBay via Japan for over $400! They must be made by virgin princesses with their toes.

Pricing like that invites replicas.

My first thought was the inside materials and construction.   Where the electrical connections will be made.  None was shown in the pictures.      I'm  not saying grounding is not important. Peeking into the receptacle holes, looks like tin or aluminum to me.  

Like many things we do as audiophiles my thought on the best power receptacle is, no receptacle.  A pain to accomplish.  But we do just about anything for the sake of our music.
glupson, yeah thanks from here as time in the hospital I'll know which plug to put the laptop on....:

To 'ell with their monitors 'n stuff... my tunes and bluetooth supercede mere survival....*L*

I can sample the beepin' monitors and feed the floor some med grade EDM....
Hospital grade plugs are noted for their tight grip so that someone cannot so easily accidentally pull out the cable. Audiophile grade plugs, by contrast, and audiophile grade outlets are at least one paradigm ahead of hospital grade plugs and outlets for a variety of reasons havIng to do with SQ. Next up, Graphene contact enhancers and micro arcing. Perhaps we shall discuss audiophile wall outlet covers for unused wall outlets? Like mine.

"...which plug to put the laptop on....:"
Put it on your lap and run it on battery. Just do not press on tubes.
glupson, I’m right-handed....I have them ’hit me’ on the left....

If they need both arms, I’m likely unconscious and incoherent....
The latter is normal, though..*G* Together I’m not likely to be listening to anything but the interior dialogues....

Hospital food is ghastly and annoying...Between my not eating, and the volume rising each day, they're generally happy to give me 'early release'.

Other than that, I'm pretty a deceptive sort of fashion... ;)