Need help with tracking vinyl

I can't seem to remove this warp and the vacuum on my turntable isn't strong enough to pull it out. Can anyone help?

Seems like a good home for some old RCA DynaFlex's!!
That's a great idea for your old LP's that are past reclaiming. I've got a few LP's I might use to make "bowls" for a few analog-heads I know...
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With a wad of Blue-Tac the concept will be leak-proof! :-)

This reminds me of a "project" my sisters did back in the late-60's. They left LP's in the sun and in various oven temperatures to soften. Then, they molded them in wavy bowl-shapes. Painted, ribboned, and glittered then in myriad ways and sold them at craft fairs as fruit/candy bowls. I don't even want to KNOW what LP's were used to this end.
Looks like a typical Columbia pressing to me, should play as well as most.
The question is, how did this lp get so warped? I hope all your other goodies are safe.

Sounds like you need to search eBay for another pressing of that lp.
Even if I have a pressing with only a slight warp, it still bugs me to see my arm going up and down thacking the warp.
and I trash it for a new one.

Yes I am now, real picky, even If the cover has a seamsplit, or the slightest wear I will search out a new copy. Most times a japaese pressing for my colection.
I wonder how rigid these are ? With a little damping applied to minimize ringing, might make for one helluva replacement when re-coning a woofer : ) Sean
youknow, I was just thinking, something my dad showed me how do. You could just put a penny on top of your headshell.
allways worked on that old changer he had. Te He!!!
Back in grade school (20-some years ago), an assignment for program I was in was to create a product and a marketing campaign for that product. A guy in my class came up with a product quite similar to this. He put old 78s in his oven until they got soft, then shaped them into bowls. He called it a "Disco Dish" - I always thought that was clever.

I remember him saying that he had to use 78s because standard issue K-tel LP weren't thick enough, or the vinyl was too crappy, etc. (something along those lines - it was a long time ago).