Need passive aggressive advice

To scratch an itch of mine I purchased a preowned Placette passive device and now I'm hooked!
Passives are very system dependent as we all know but I'm stoked on what its doing, or should I say, not doing in my Horn/300B system,
Since I can't leave well enough alone, I'm looking at more "modern" passive designs and have narrowed it down to three of them.
1) latest from Tortuga
2) " The Truth" from the Horn Shoppe
3) Axiom with Walker mods
All with remote. A MUST for me.
I'm assuming that they will all surpass the vishay placette in transparency. ASSUMING.

Appreciate any and all suggestions/comments/alternatives.

Thanks for your time


I have no experience with passives but don't forget Goldpoint Level Controls. They've been around for a long, long time and they won't break the bank either. They use a stepped attenuator which can be noisy so proceed with caution. 🤔

All the best,
BTW, I asked Schiit if they have plans to introduce HT bypass in a future.
This is an answer " All of our preamps offer true home theater bypass. Just plug in your processor's front channels to any input, select Passive mode, and turn the volume all the way up. Presto! 1:1 home theater bypass, with only a relay in the signal path."
I believe this is extremely rude reply, and they consider their customers as complete idiots. Paints their company in a very bad light.
I suggest that you try a TVC which is also considered passive. It will be a really good fit in your highly sensitive system.
So my Tortuga arrived this past Saturday. Hoorah! But it crapped out last night. Boo!
Hey. These things happen and I’m sure Tortuga will make things right.
The Placette sold quickly. So another week or so sans music. Boo!
Sonically between the two, Tortuga had a slight edge and with its ability for impedance matching on the fly made it a clear winner.

I’m thinking of ordering the Schitt Saga as some have mentioned here.
The ability to go passive or active via a 6SN7 seems pretty cool. Nice to have that option. Just cant get my head around the $349 price tag.
Then there’s the Freya if I insist on spending more money. I have on email out to Schitt asking if in passive mode if there is any difference sonicwise.