Need Phono Preamp for SF Line3SE & Herron VTSP

I am just adding a TT in my system(Rega P3), maybe going to get a Shure V15VXMR cartridge for now and a Shelter 901 later. My system is setup with Sonic Frontier Line3SE and Herron VTSP-1A/166 as preamp with Sonic Frontier Power 3 running the bass of the Alon IV and Cary V12i runing the Mid and high. The frontend is Electrocompainet EMC-1UP CDP.
I need a phone preamp to match with my system, both SS and tube are fine and would like to be under $1000 in the used market. Maybe able to go upto $1500. Also, please recommend some good value cartridge and phono preamp combo.
Thank you for all your help!
You might find a used Herron close to $1500. Look at Dynavector cartridges as well.
I'm just wondering how you are using two seperate line-stages? Do you just alternate based on preferance or are they both somehow in use? Also, as an owner of the Herron, I'm wondering how it compares to the Line 3? Sorry for all the questions. For phono with my Herron I'm using a Camelot Lancelot Pro battery powered mc/mm phono stage to very good effect. This is $1K new and usually around $500 used, an excellent deal.
I have been use three preamps at the same time in my HT system, just want to find out which one I like the most. I sold the JRDG Synergy IIi two weeks ago, not that I don't like it but I was trying to us the SF Line3SE to tri amp my speaker(it has two balance outputs and two single end outputs). It didn't work that good because the single end output was kind of noiser. Anyway, reason for use the Synergy IIi and the Line3se is because they have the HT bypass. The Herron was belong to my other system, I want to know how it compare to the others so I use it in the HT setup. Personaly I like the Herron, would like to have a bit bass and a bit more body in the mid.
Anyway, I have been use Cat Sig MKi for more then ten years. I like its sound but would like to have a more quiet Phone stage. I've use the MF Nuvister Int.amp's phono for few hours and it sound good to me. So here I am looking for a phono stage with very low noise floor, better to be balanced,SS or tube are both fine to me.
Thank you for all the recommendation
Regas can be modified most successfully. Look at for the VTA adjuster. I have an extra Heavyweight which is "must" for your arm - the difference is amazing. Contact me if you are interested in my Heavyweight (got one as a gift) The end of record gizmo is a great convenience and works well. When you can, get your arm rewired with the Cardas stuff and look into a new mat..either the Non-Felt mat or the BostonAudio Carbon mat. Be careful of the weight of the cartridge you get. You want the weight of your arm near the pivot point so get a cartridge that doesn't weigh too much.