Coincident Statement RC Preamp

I noticed at Coincident's website they have a remote control version of the Statement Preamp.

They say there is a sonic compromise compared to the non rc Statement .

Has anyone listened to it ?

Has anyone listened to both ?

I have Total Victory IV speakers and Frank's 330b amps .
I will update my current preamp ( Supratek Cortese )within 6 months and Coincident products have never disappointed me.

Any input is appreciated.


I have owned the TVC version CSL for over 4 years and would describe it as sublime like its sibling the Frankenstein. I believe that you'd be ecstatic with it. Israel says the new RC version just sacrifices a "slight" amount in direct comparison and that's all.I don't miss a remote control at all but for some it's a must have. Either version would be an asset in your system.
Australian member Pap went from the Supratek to the CSL, send him an
email I'm sure he would be of much help. I thought you were using a
Wavelength amplifier? Can't go wrong either way.
Hello Charles,

Yes , I also have a Wavelength 300b .

They are different but both are enjoyable.

I am currently using the Frank's , It's amazing how powerful 8 watts can sound.
When I get my income tax return I am thinking of getting Emission Lads 300b xls for the Frank's. I am currently using Treasure 300b's.

Thank you for the info on member Pap , I will ask him about his upgrade.

I also need info for a phono stage but that is later.

Hi Bill,
I used the Black Treasures for 2 1/2 years and enjoyed them. The EML XLS is a better 300b across the board in my opinion. It mates beautifully with the Frankenstein, tone, drive, dynamics and overall authority noticeably improve.
Hello Bill,
I saw your post before it had any responses and would have recommended the CSL as the obvious choice, which I still would. Having a good idea that Charles would answer soon enough and with backed experience, I held off.
I have a purist's approach to my system, so remotes are a luxury, plus I like to grope and fondle the pretty knobs:) I have the Wavelength Cardinal XS (paired with Doshi Alaap) which are neck and neck with the Franks, as you know. I use Sophia RP's simply because I got a great deal on a barely used quad set.
Otherwise, EML XLS would be where I'd certainly go.

If you need a phono stage as well.
Why not get a Coincident statement phono stage which has a line stage as well. According to Israel, the line stage in CSPS is better than most LS except his own.

For me, the line stage in it seems pretty good (am still waiting for it to break in before passing judgements, seems a tad forward right now). It has no gain but is not just a volume attenuator either.

Just something to consider if you already have a Coincident amp.
What ever gave you the idea I'd respond to a thread regarding Coincident ? Lol.
Charles, I kept my mouth shut (or fingers still) on this one too. Perhaps a user name change is in order. What shall we call you? The Coincidental Oracle?

Your advice to the OP was spot on--My thoughts exactly. :)
Hi Brownsfan,
There's so much BS and over priced and over hyped products in our beloved hobby. When a line of components offer genuine value and true high performance it's hard not to comment and let others know. I try to keep my contribution informative, honest and avoid hyperbole, hope it comes across this way.
Genesis 1:31 God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.
That is what Charles is saying:)
Charles, you are so right. And I have always found your comments on Coincident gear understated if anything. There are a few guys out there that are making stuff that is just crazy good, yet affordable by those not fortunate enough to be 0.01% 'ers.

I love my Maggies dearly, but the "crazy goodness" of the CSL has got me thinking about going all Coincident. Plan to order my WE's tomorrow night. That may push me over the edge if they are as good as Pap says.
Thanks, With Pap's vivid description of those tubes installed in the CSL I hope we both can avoid falling over the edge of unfettered bliss.
You guys are so stoking my curiosity. I have a coincident phono preamp in mind....and you are spot on with the availability of great equipment at reasonable pricing. You just have to tear yourself away from the big box companies...a case in point is my preamp - the Dehavilland Ultra verve. It makes me happy every time I turn it on!
Hi Pops,
I didn't find it hard to pull away from the "big box companies" all you have to do is listen. Big or small unknown company, I'll just trust what I hear and go with it.

I need three inputs counting Phono.
I have a tuner and cd .

I noticed this weekend the Line stage has only 2 inputs

I'll call Israel later this week.

I am wondering if the Phono stage is overkill , I don't need the line stage in the phono and it is getting expensive . The Phono stage is more than the line stage.

Anyone have any recommendations for a phono stage (Dynavector xx2 mc cartridge )to use with the Line stage for less than $6000.

Charles and Brownsfan,

I am confident you will love the WE 1:1 replicas but you must reserve judgement for a couple of days of run in!
By all accounts the Coincident Phono is SOTA via several professional reviews and word of mouth. Another highly praised Phono stage is the Zesto Audio. I heard it at CES last month and the room's sound was very good.
Hi Bill,

Both myself and a friend recently upgraded to Coincident Statement Line Stages from Supratek Cabernet Duals. I guess I was initially attracted to the CSLS because it used 101D's which are quite neutral and open sounding tubes. The CSLS is quite a step up from the Cabernet and Cortese which I am also familiar with.
The Supratek was a good preamp in its day but the Coincident is a bold, innovative new design that has pushed the benchmark far higher IMO. It's transparency has to be heard to be appreciated and I can tell you that the reviews are accurate. It's speed and dynamics were a pleasant surprise for me and it keeps up with the best SS preamps in that regard. It is therefore ideal for use with SS or Tube power amps.
The CSLS is ahead of the Supratek in several areas and if you like, I could pass on more detailed comparisons via email.
Regarding inputs, the Coincident effectively has 3 if you count the balanced input and 2 unbalanced. Simply flick a switch to change from balanced to RCA inputs. I assume it will be the same on the RC model but best check first.

Finally, the CSLS is quite neutral in terms of tonal balance although it does add a touch of warmth, SS amps for example will generally sound more organic and open with the CSLS, but it won't add the syrupy sweetness that some tube preamps might.
Thank You Pap for the encouraging info.
I didn't realize I could use a balance connection with the flick of a switch.
As much as I like coincident products , I don't think I'll get their phono stage , too expensive .

I will make certain that my phono stage has a balance connection.

I am reading very good things about Zesto, Thank you Charles.

Now to sell items , I enjoy buying more than selling.

Pap summed up the CSL attributes very well. Despite hearing many quite expensive audio systems for 3 full days at CES last month
I couldn't wait to get home and hear my CSL-Frankenstein combo. I just prefer natural vs the ultra Hifi sound presentation you mostly hear there. Bill, I am certain that you'll love that combo as well .
When I mentioned the pervasive Hifi sound heard in many rooms at CES the Zesto room is excluded from that list. Their electronics driving the TAD speakers were natural with believable music reproduction.