Need some phono cable recommendations

Can anyone recommend a phono cable for SME 15, SME 309 arm, and a Devialet Expert Pro 220 integrated amp?  Cartridge will either be a Lyra Delos or Transfiguration Axia.  Speakers are Wilson Sophia 2, and speaker cable is Cardas Cross. Thanks!
Consider Audio Sensibility. Prices not too high, custom made.  Where spending more may not get you to an appreciably better place. Since it's custom, you can dial in what you get to what fits.. with a simple conversation or two with Steve.

Added in...that ’Dr. Ohno’ was a family friend of Steve’s. Just think about that for a minute. It’s difficult to get closer than that.
You might want to check out Zu Audio phono cables, purchased a set of their Mission 1 new for my table in a headphone setup off eBay and am quite impressed with them. These are their entry level phono cables and they have some pricier offerings if your pockets are a bit deeper.