Need someone to repair and service my Marantz 2285B in the San Francisco Bay Area

My vintage Marantz 2285B receiver needs some help, the relays do not kick in reliably and has some dirty contacts on the control knobs.
I am looking for someone in the Bay Area to do the work. Anyone know of a reputable outfit with competitive pricing.
Thanks in advance.

Regards Clive
I don't live there anymore but I recall using "The Soundwell" (on University Ave) in Berkeley. They were always reliable, and reasonable.
The Soundwell is not on University ave any more, I think he only does on line requests,he left the brick and mortar world. A lot of repair shops have
left the bay area because of the HIGH cost of doing business in California. L&M Electronics was the last of the best and they closed their doors (retirement) and due to the poor Quality of Audio being Manufactured.
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Second Nick Gowan. I have taken my older Dynaco ST 35s for service.

Also call

Scott Frankland

Scott Frankland Associates

706 Charcot Ave

San Jose, CA 95131

TEL: 408-432-1500



Scott is the F in MFA (Moore Franklin Associates) infamous stereo gear and designed the infamous and current WaveStream Kinetics.  Scott still does older gear service work (and not just on MFA and WaveStream); I just had my MFA200Cs worked on...located in North San Jose.  When I dropped off my gear, I saw shelves of other brands he and his team are servicing.

Both Nick and Scott highly recommended.

MFA is "...infamous stereo gear." I don’t think so. If so, why are you recommending Scott Frankland? Look up "infamous" in the dictionary. Can you clarify?


Sorry you did not understand my parlance:

Read 4th paragraph "..inconspicuous..." Scott does not get a lot of a attention nowadays. I only have the highest regard for his work. I own MFA200C mono tube amps, WaveStream Kinetics tube preamp,Wavestream Kinetics tube line amp. And I stated explicitly I have used his services. 

Not to be harsh, if you call me out to "look up" a word, then you should have read the context of my response. Furthermore, I seconded Nick as a person I would personally use from experience as well as highly recommended both Nick and and "highly recommended".  

I’ll accept your explanation, but things are generally one thing or the other. "Famous" means well-known, while "infamous" means well-known, for "having an exceedingly bad reputation." I’m not trying to be overly didactic, but saying MFA equipment is bad is simply not true. I believe that you like MFA, but didn’t want new members to get an inaccurate opinion of MFA’s products. That’s all!