Outstanding service from MusicDirect in the USA and Avid Hifi in the UK, read on please!

So I purchased an ex demo Avid Diva II SP turntable via MusicDirect here in the USA.
Great customer service as I had a few minor issues and one that was slightly more major.
However Rob resolved them all rapidly and completely to my satisfaction no questions asked.
I would say deal with MusicDirect with no worries at all and I would certainly purchase from then again.

The more major problem was that the threaded portion of the spindle for the Avid clamp/weight to screw down onto had been seriously cross threaded and was no longer usable at all.
Avid confirmed this would have an impact on the SQ and the top brass portion of the spindle needed to be replaced.
This was 200 pounds sterling and while I was at it I ordered one of their flat covers at 75 pounds sterling.
MusicDirect had already refunded me the cost of the replacement spindle part.
Shipping from the UK was a very reasonable 40 pounds sterling.
Total in dollars approx $416.
Avid UK had replied to my email query over the last weekend which was exemplary and I placed my order Sunday evening.
Monday morning I had an email from Avid saying it was shipping with a fedex tracking number.
Outstanding and prepared for a couple weeks wait or so.
Wednesday evening I get an email from Fedex saying my item had cleared customs and was  on its way.
This morning , Thursday I get an email from Fedex saying my item was out for delivery....
Err come again?
9.45am ECT it was delivered.

Let me repeat..... 3 days to ship goods from the UK to the USA.

And who was it that was complaining about Fedex service...lol.

So a huge thank you to MusicDirect for making everything right and showing me just how great customer service is supposed to be.

Just as big a thank you to Avid UK for taking my order, sending it very well packed and getting it to me in 3 days!

Restores my faith in our hobby!

Great to hear.  Rob at Music Direct was the "Man" over at TMR for a long time, and I have done (as you could guess) many dealings with him, all exemplary.

Music Direct was wise to have him join their team.
Thanks for posting about this.
How is Audio Advisor in comparison?
How is Dedicated Audio in comparison?
Audio Advisor has given me excellent service, as well.  The only place Music Direct comes off a bit better is that their selection is slightly more mouthwatering.  As for Dedicated Audio, I've never heard of them!
I've been doing business with Jim (Davis) for as long as I can remember.  Music Direct is Top-Notch in my book.

Jon is my go to guy. 

What a great company.
I agree---I've purchased from Music Direct and their customer service is excellent. I've bought equipment and vinyl. Highly recommended.
Perhaps it’s my pessimistic side, but honestly I read that as MusicDirect not adequately checking out a demo unit prior to shipping. And that’s on a relatively expensive item, and one that isn’t just plug and play like an amp.  
I just bought a new turntable recently, and had considered a few demos, but was concerned that my lack of experience with turntables could cause me to miss possible issues. 
Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that they resolved issues quickly when identified by you. But personally I think it should have been fully tested before you ever saw it. And a cross threaded weight seems like such an easy thing to catch for them. 
You do make a very good point and yes it should have been much more thoroughly tested before shipping.
Rob did admit as much as said it would be a hard lesson learned from their side as in his words it was "rookie mistakes"

Years ago I enjoyed dropping by the local stereo shops to listen to music through new and different products. Over the years, all of those stores have disappeared. Reading professional reviews as well as those of amateur users are now what I have to go on in pursuing products to purchase. Online retailers are all I have left unless I want to travel at least 6 hours round trip to see and hear music with new gear.

Fortunately, there are some fine online retailers like Music Direct. After trying to go on the cheap in buying a new phono stage from MD and finding myself totally dissatisfied, I called MD and spoke with Jason. He spent the time discussing my system and the sound that I was seeking. After a rather lengthy discussion, he set up my return for the first phono stage and suggested the Luxman E-250 as a significant upgrade from that. Boy is it ever and was he ever right! I have never heard vinyl sound better in my system. The smooth textured yet detailed sound is right on point. For me, it was taking the time to discuss my system and listening preferences that enabled him to make a solid recommendation. That time is the thing that a lot of brick and mortar buyers may believe would be lost shopping online and may be true in some circumstances but not in my interactions with Music Direct!

For those of you with physical shops to frequent, well, lucky you. For many of us living away from the right and left coasts, Music Direct, Acoustic Sounds, Elusive Disc and Audio Advisor are places we must look to to further our system’s abilities. Hopefully they will continue to thrive going forward.

Am I not searching correctly or am I right in thinking that MD is not stocking/selling Avid any more?

On another note, I just used Crutchfield's return policy, and I received the refund (minus a modest $10 shipping fee, one-way), within hours of the returned item getting to their warehouse.  If they stock what you're looking for, definitely an option.  On BBB I read that people who invoke the return policy too often (not sure now many times that is) may no longer be served.  But frankly that seems reasonable to me, as they were just clearly abusing it.
That is correct Twoleft, which is how I got a great deal on this ex demo table to start with.