need to get a power conditioner

which is the best, the ps audio power plant quintet
or the furman elite 15 pf, and please explain why. i dont want to buy one if the other is better, and your experience with either is greatly appreciated.
Own the Furman and it works well. Everything is strangely better as the background is quieter and music more dynamic. I've no idea why and would have just as soon sent it back for refund within the trial period.

I run a Sugden 21SE CD player, Audio Zone DAC, Sugden A21SE integrated through it using VH Audio and Analysis Plus PC through it. Go figure.
If I was going to get a furman I would find a used ref IT 20 or 15 and skip the elite15pfi I have owned all and the ref are still in my systems--worth the extra money in the long run
the electricity in my area sucks. i find my system sounds better at night, i get a wide flucuation in my sound while i am listening to it. had electrician come out, said to get a conditioner.