Need your LP purchase assistance

I will very shortly be adding analog to my existing system. While I have over 1000 cds, I have no vinyl. I'm hoping that you analog guys can steer me to a soldi 50-75 LPs to start off as the backbone of my LP collection.

I'm looking for your top 3-5 that are jaw-dropping lps in terms of sound reproduction as well as content. I have a highly resolving system and am counting on your response to give me a reason to keep my analog gear as well as digital.

Thanks for your assistance. :-)
Rickie Lee Jones - Self Titled - 45rpm or Steve Hoffman 33rpm reissue
Gary Karr - Adagio D' Albinoni - Cisco/King Analog
Blood, Sweat & Tears - Self Titled 45rpm
Neil Young - Live At Massey Hall

Tie for 5th:
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours 45rpm reissue
Lightning Hopkins - Goin Away 45rpm reissue

Yeah, those damn 45s are so pricey, but many are the ones you always want to play! Cheers,
Spencer -thank you for the list - I will start looking for them this week.
Schubert - no it really doesn't, in this case. I listen to everything, especially if very well recorded.
I'm more partial to original pressings than re-do's, though it's on a case-by-case basis. That said, the 45 rpm SRV set that Chad did has some very impressive tracks, Tin Pan Alley (Dark Side of Town) among them. Agree re Live at Massey Hall- also wonderful. Frankly, the RLJ album is good even as a standard issue Warner pressing from back in the day. (I published a shoot-out of multiple pressings, including various remasters, a month or so ago).
I don't listen just for sonics, but they are important. If you are going to buy older records, Warner Green labels are almost consistently good, and some are fabulous sounding- many are things you can find in a used bin for almost nothing. I'm just scratching the surface here, and obviously, it depends on your taste- Hoodoo Man Blues 45rpm by chad is excellent, given the difficulty and cost of finding a minty first pressing. I've collected a considerable number of old Vertigo Swirls and Island pink labels- most are gems, sonically and musically, though some of the music is dated or less accessible unless you are into that period (UK/psych/prog).
Acoustic Sounds have a top 50 list of their most sold albums, that would be a good place to start.

Acoustic Sounds Top Sellers

What are you planning to procure Analog system wise ?

Good Listening