Neil Young calls out Tidal

TIDAL is calling their files of my songs Masters. But TIDAL’s MQA files are not my masters. I make my masters - not TIDAL. I made my masters the way I wanted them to sound. If TIDAL referred to their titles as TIDAL MASTERS, I would have no problem, but they don’t. They call them Masters. I had my music removed from that platform. They are not my masters.”.

Mr. Stuart didn’t roll out MQA out of charity or his love for the music :-)

I never cared for MQA, they do sound ‘bright’ in upper frequencies. I dumped Tidal shortly after Qobuz entered US market.
From Doc Aix letter:

EDITOR'S NOTE: MQA claims, " get exactly what the creators intended," is patently false! You get what MQA or TIDAL decides sounds "better."
It does look like most of his music has been pulled.  I’m subscribing to both Tidal and Qobuz right now but may ditch Tidal after my discounted subscription expires.
i have both and make up my listening. More power to Neil if that is how he feels.
Respect his decision, obviously. But I have missed his albums.  It is sad.  I sure hope they can reach a compromise.