Neither laid-back nor refined.

I'm looking for a used CD player to pair with a Jolida JS-1501RC Hybrid integrated amp. I like the midrange and bass of the hybrid, and the fact that the tube character isn't overpowering. Now, in my price range used are the following:

Music Hall CD 25
Arcam cd 62
Rotel RCD-971
Rega Planet (Original)
NAD c541i or c521i.

I do not want a laid back player--combined with a liquid tube sound, I don't think I'd be happy. I like a little drive and excitement out of my CDs. Moreover, I listen to lots of "substandard" recordings: lo-fi indie rock, mono reissues of Jazz and Blues as well as early Jamaican music. I'd like something a little bit forgiving of these kinds of things. Can anyone comment on this?
I would also add these things to my list to consider when buying a CDP. Namely, (1)How well does it track (and prevent skipping) (2) Will it play a CDR,(3) Customer service after the sale,(4)warranty(if buying new). I've only heard the older NAD/Rotel CDP's. My feeling would be go w/ the Arcam.(Lots of older 7SE'S on the market.) The Arcam distributor has excellent customer sevice BTW. Good luck on your quest.
You won't want the Rega Planet then, it's famously laid back (though I love my Planet 2000 for just this reason). Music Hall CD25 would be a great fit, but like Kotta says, customer service is after the sale can also be important. Incidentally, that was why I sold my Music Hall in the first place (I experienced poor customer service.) You may also like the NAD very much - I've been impressed with their lively sound. See if you can arrange to listen to as many as you can from your list, as a start.
I hace the RCD-971 in my system currently.

I wouldnt call it laid back, but, it certainly doesnt have the dynamics of my older Theta DAC. I prefer the DAC to the Rotel on almost every type of music.

However I found the Rotel Better/equal to many players in the $700.00 retail range.

I agree the Rega may be too laid back for you.

The Rotel tracks like a champ, and plays CDRs as well.

Good luck.