Should I buy a new cd player or DAC or both or neither?

Here is my system. I have a Atoll integrated amplifier, 100 wpc, a Vecteur L 4.2 cd player, Totem Hawk speakers, A Cambridge Audio CXN streamer, Nordost Red Dawn speaker cables and Tara Labs interconnects ( not sure of the model but they were $500 Cdn when new).
I am happy with the sound but wonder if I could get better sound (more detailed and dynamic but still warm and easy to listen to), with either a new cd player or DAC or both. My Vector CD  player was really well reviewed by "Enjoy the Music" when it was new but it is 15 years old now. It's built like a tank so it must have a big power supply.  I did have my cd player hooked to an expensive Audiomat Tempo 2.5 DAC but didn't hear an appreciable difference in sound. . I know however the DAC was excellent as the guy I sold it to said it transformed his CD player and it was the best DAC he had ever heard. My Vecteur and Audiomat CD player were supposed to be a good match.

Could it be that my Vecteur CD player is that good?

My local dealer swears he can transform my system with a Atoll DAC which is only $800 Cdn. I also wonder about getting a Marantz CD6006 or a Cyrus CD t (both well reviewed by "What Hi Fi'" or a Cambridge Audio CD as they are available locally. I would consider Oppo too although I would have to order online and could't audition.
I was thinking of potentially spending between 1-2K on a CD player and the same amount on a DAC. Wondering if CD players have improved that much in 15 years? So what should I do? I would welcome any advice or hear from those that have experience with these components.
ask your local dealer for an in home trial - if he swears, then maybe look elsewhere

a top ladder R2R DAC from years ago might just be better than the conversion based things now

OTOH, a top quality DAC ought to be better than the same $$ spent on a CD player - just based on component cost

why not rip any CDs or SACDs to files and then you will not need a CD player any more
Burn your CD collection to hard drive and get a DAC and a Roon and Tidal subscription. Stereophile Class A+ list is a good place to start. CD players are obsolete...
Unless yo also want to watch video, in which case an Oppo 205 will serve very well as a multiformat disc player, DAC and preamp. I really think integrating a tv screen into a high quality stereo system is a good idea. It gives very good tv and video sound (I prefer 2channel sound quality over and above multichannel with smaller speakers), and it will give you something to watch when you are playing opera, ballet music, some live rock concerts etc.
The Cambridge Audio 851C is excellent CD player and DAC all in one solution.
Or you can do what I did buy the Cambridge Audio CXC and excellent cd transport less than $500 and invest most of your budget on more serious dac such as the McIntosh d150 or Bryston BDA-3.
The biggest improvement you could make would be a change of speakers. All the rest of your system is fine. I recommend selling the Totems and buying a pair of Ohm Walsh speakers. Room-filling sound with 3-D imaging - and NO need for subwoofers! I speak from my own experience, being an owner of Walsh Sound Cylinders for 12+ years. I have no affiliation with Ohm - just a very satisfied user!

Sell the CD player and get a Sony HAP-Z1es.  This will transform your system and give you a decent DAC and low jitter source.  You will love the convenience.  It will make ripping your CD's easy.  You can get these for around $1K used on audiogon.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio

@audioengr Agreee with your Sony rec.  Do you also have any positive experience running the Sony through a better DAC? Thanks for any ideas along these lines. Love the Sony interface but hoping to improve sound if possible. 
All the ideas are good from fellow audiophiles with regard to getting a streamer or ripper like the Sony, r2r ladder DAC and even new speakers. For sure, you could improve your sound tremendously with better speakers. Vandersteen, Magnepan and even the newer Paradigm are exceptional.
The only thing suggested that I would have reservations about is saying CD players are out dated or the combo of a new transport and DAC cannnot give you really good sound. I mean many people bet the farm that turntables were outdated and vinyl would never come back. Well many people are eating
words, and a much larger group are convinced analog is better than digital. I think CD players will stick around and DACs are getting better. I tend to stream now, and really like MQA but I think record albums still sound fantastic as do some CD players with a good DAC.
Some really like the Bluesound Vault 2, and it does everything you want. I have the Node 2 and it is the best digital sound I have had... for awhile.
You can have both worlds with a DAC. Attach a transport and a streamer.  
2nd the Cambridge CXC. I found big improvement matched with new Wyred4Sound Dac1v2.