New Dk SIGN.?

My CD player is Cary 306 SACD player ,Reimer McCullough speakers, NBS, Soundstring, interconnects working on new speaker cables.Sold my DK Mark11 amp and order there New Signature Amp I hope it"s worth the extra$$$
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With respect to your "working on new speaker cables," doesn't Reimer's ad on Audiogon by Clearsound Audio clearly recommend the superb Reality Cables which were chosen to showcase their speakers at the recent Rocky Mountain Audio Show?
I have found these able to outperform even the truly excellent Alpha Core MI-3 Divinity cables in a non-Reimer system of mine, delivering the signal to transmission line bass and ribbon tweeters. Moderate pricing is icing on the cake.

I think you will be pretty satisfied in the change from the DK MK2 to the DK Signature MK3.. The Signature handles
a little better at mid volume levels and beyond..It also provides a Quieter background with more noticable detail in music..The highs, mids and bass are all improved nicely and are still very hard to beat at its asking price..
I believe Larry at DK has also taken the Signature to another level, that im sure will be even much more noticable and impressive.. Larry seems to be very knowledgeable and seems to be doing a great job at turning DK around...
Good Luck,
Passet02-I am the happy owner of the Reimer Wind Rivers, Consonance cd-120 cd player, Reality Cables(see Neil at Clearsound audio),and an ex DK MKII /now upgraded to MKIII owner (Thank you, Larry!). I love the cards I'm holding so I am not so tempted to trade up. After talking with Larry Staples, the gentleman who now owns the DK company, I began to get to thinking though, a dangerous thing for some of us. Sounds like you will be super-happy. According to Larry the change in the preamp section is, and I quote,"like night and day". If you want to "sell out" in the future you call me.
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