New EAR Yoshina Acute CD Player?

Has anyone out there heard any word on a new EAR Acute single box CD Player to replace the current MK III? If so, any word on a release date or better yet, has a prototype been heard? Thanks

last year I had the pleasure of listening to both the Aesthetix Romulus cd player & the newest Parasound spinner.
The owner reported that both of these players trump the EAR, in fact, he will not stock the EAR anymore.

Still, I would like to demo the EAR mk III just for a comparison against the Aesthetix & Parasound.
Keep me posted on this matter- Happy Listening! -JA
Thanks Jafant. I'm curious, do you recall what your impressions of the Aesthetix Romulus were? Also, do you remember who the dealer was?

Thanks again,


The Romulus does everything right- no faults. The dealer/retailer is John Fort Audio -Dallas TX. Go on a Saturday for the best listening experience. JF is a pleasure to deal with- no pressure, mix/match gear for your audition.
He will concur that if you are unable to spend the higher price for the Aesthetix, the Parasound is a very close 2nd.

Keep me posted & Happy listening!
Thanks Jafant, I've taken the plunge on the Romulus which I'm expecting to arrive in a couple of weeks. It will be replacing my current source, a Cary 306 Professional. I'm a beliver in keeping it simple, the Romulus will be paired with an LFD NCSE II integrated amp, Joseph Audio Pulsar speakers, along with Shunyata conditioning and Zitron cabeling through out. Looking forward to posting my impressions soon.
Excellent Jayh31-

I do look forward to reading about your listening sessions.
I have always wanted to demo the Cary 306, as I have a large collection of SACD(s). This will be a wonderful shootout.

Are you going to keep or sale the Cary 306?
Keep me posted anytime on this very interesting matter.
Happy Listening!
The Cary is a terrific CD player; in fact, I'm really hoping the Romulus can bring it because while the Cary is a bit long in the tooth, it's still very capable. That said, I have no need for two players so I'd certainly be willing to let the Cary go.
Has anyone heard the new EAR Acute Classic that just came out?  Any opinions on it?