New FARAD Level 2 Silver Mod for Chord DAVE!

Epic new upgrade for the Chord DAVE junkies! Funnest HiFi project of my life. FARAD technicians talk with you through the whole build and shipping process, highly recommend FARAD. The sound is immediately more detailed and transparent. I won't embellish or exaggerate that it was a revelation, but initially I'd say a 15% improvement. We'll let it burn in a few weeks. Hooked the 3 power supplies to 3 Audiowise RF-STOPS. All 3 FARAD have the furutech and SR purple fuse upgrades. I chose the FARAD silver level 2 upgrade over the Sean Jacobs DC4 Arc 6 because it's 6k cheaper and 2 months quicker in shipping to you. Very happy. Happy HiFi Holidays to you all!


I installed mine 6 weeks ago. I am embarassed to say that I overlooked the M scaler and it is still on a switching power supply. the Farad for it is in transit.

Installed in 20 minutes. Very easy. I bought nice 12 awg power cords and am very happy with the improvements.

Farads are in the bottom left corner. 



awesome! Yea awesome upgrade. I have my mscaler on lifepo4 batteries with Audiowise OPTO-DX which I believe is the biggest upgrade possible for our DAVE Mscaler setup.




"I chose the FARAD silver level 2 upgrade over the Sean Jacobs DC4 Arc 6 because it’s 6k cheaper." This hobby is so funny. Sean Jacobs makes two power supplies for the Dave, one at $7K and the other is $10K. Depending on the power cord the end-user has, the cost differential isn’t $3K or $6k, because the Sean Jacobs doesn’t require three power cords. You are correct, if the end-user doesn’t use upgraded power cords.


I have this set up as well. As jaded as I am its difficult not to be impressed with the Farad upgrade. The Dave is still a top tier DAC imo and in the used market-makes a lot of sense. I am keeping my eye out for an m scaler.



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@nkj Once you get an Mscaler put it on galvanic isolation with the OPTO-DX from Audiowise, then next level is putting the transmitter and receiver and Mscaler on separate lifepo4 batteries! Ultimate setup with DAVE! 



… the M-Scaler is supposed to pull a ton of current.. how big is that battery and how long does it last? 

Mscaler pulls requires 12-15 watts. It runs perfectly on 12 watts from lifepo4 batteries. When on full 1 million tap upsampling it only pulls 10 watts total. So a medium sized lifepo4 battery will give you 24 hours of use. I use the Bluetti EB55, I have two of these power stations on rotation so one’s always ready, each given exactly 24 of use. I am using the 2.1mm to 2.5mm Ghent Audio Gotham quad shielded power cables and Audiowise DC RF-Stops for as perfect as it gets black background. Once you taste lifepo4 in your system it’s hard to go back to A/C. It’s just so much better than any hi-end power conditioner.