New finds In Record Collection

Today, I finally replaced the tubes in the moving coil section of my Mac C2500 preamp.  I purchased them almost 2 years ago from Upscale Audio.  They are Gold Lion (Russian) 12AX7 tubes which were graded Platinum by Upscale.  It was my pure laziness that I waited this long to install the tubes.  So, wanting something really nice to play, I went to one of my record shelves...

Looking at the collection, I was drawn to the bottom shelf, which was chock full of new, unopened records, shrink wrap still tightly sealed.  I had totally forgotten about these records as for years, I was on a buying spree and just kept buying but not listening.  I think many of us can relate to that, perhaps not.

I pulled out what I thought was a box collection but it just one record in a box!  The record was "The Yes Album" by "Yes" on double 180-gram vinyl @45rpm put out by Friday Records.  The sound is amazing, dead quiet and the bass was so thunderous.  I haven't gone through all the new records, but I did notice a couple of Nirvana albums, a bunch of jazz albums a few Jethro Tull, some Eagles and a mix of many others.  It will take me a while to see what I will keep and what I will give away.

I guess the moral of the story is to look completely through your collection from time to time. You may find new records like me or find some gems you have forgotten about.


Another arrival I acquired is a German Atlantic pressing of Led Zeppelin 1 won at an eBay auction for $28! 

Certainly good advice.


I happily did a lot of that kind of purchasing for my 2,000 album collection so it is surprisingly easy to find albums I haven’t heard in a couple decades.

I can't relate so much with collecting music and not listening to it, but as I enjoy experiencing new music or recordings I have built up a rather large collection, a lot of which were rather mediocre recordings which I remembered for that reason and rarely listened to them. Mostly digital recordings. When I finally put together a decent digital source I was amazed to find how many of these recording were actually quite good. Good on me for not just throwing them away. :-)

It takes time to find the stuff I didn’t have time to listen to. 😀

Not just before I retired, recently, new to me SACD player so darn good I started buying used CD’s again, haven’t gotten to all of them yet.

Even if you don’t buy the music yourself: Friends gave me their LP’s when they went to CD when it was new. My friend left me his collection of 4,000 LP’s, primarily Jazz, so I am overwhelmed with new to me discoveries.

Bought 12 feet of albums from a garage sale (if you don't see any out-make sure to ask). Anyway. $75 for all of them. Took over a year to give them all a listen, but now I have a new appreciation for some 50s and early 60's music.Especially records on the Command label.