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Hi all,

looking for impressions on morrow cables after they made their “update” about 2 years ago. I love the morrow cables I have, but they are all pre-update - how do the new ones compare?  All the ‘Gon post I can find refer to the old cables so I’m curious if they are the same, better, worse, different?

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he has the trial offer on this cables so why not try them and if you dont like them, send them back .
All I have are "new" except for one series 3 digital I bought used. It doesn''t seem to have as much "bloom" as a "new" 2.
New cables have a bit more fleshed out tone more weight ut they still have that fast nimble sound ,all the things you like about Mikes cables. I just replaced my older Sp3 Biwire for a shot gun run of the new Sp3's and a new set of Ma 4 XLR's for a dac to pre. When they finally settle I'll post more thoughts.
thanks @riley804 - though not many actual testimonials comparing the cables in that thread.

Really wondering if the presentation is demonstrably different from the old style.  I have all old-style Morrow in my rig.  If I replace an old MA3 with a new MA3, will there be an increase in transparancy?

i guess you could contact mike and ask him this question .
he does run those specials on his cables and for the total price you could go up a few levels which should be an improvement.